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old games on windows 8 slow

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    windows 8.1

    old games on windows 8 slow

    I have alot of old windows 98 that played with fast frames in windows 7. too fast actually, that I have to use frame limiters to control the games.

    in windows 8, its another story, same games, play at really slow frames. like my on an old computer again....

    and the drivers and intel chipset drivers are up to date.

    nvidia 580gtx
    intel 2600
    16gb memory

    are rumors about other people having same problem.

    its sad that I can run the same games in vmware and the play at very high framerates

    I do have some games though had glitches in windows 7 but not in windows 8.

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    Hmm, Yeah, don't know. It might be due to using older API but like you said it worked in Windows 7 so it should work in 8.

    Can you check if these older games have newer equivalents like instead of playing Pinball in windows xp you can play: Pinball FX2 app for Windows in the Windows Store

    Yeah you just probably need to use a Virtual system to get it up and running.
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    windows 8.1

    I know the api is to blame. and nvidia for lack of support for 12 year old games.

    for some reason direct 7 to 8.1 games run 100+fps in windows 7, but in windows 8 they ran 5-30fps and sometimes have corrupted graphics.

    also have same problem with dosbox running like crap in windows 8, but great in windows 7.
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    windows 7 ultimate 64-bit sp1

    I have the same problem with my old games, appears to be old Directx compatibility with Windows 8. I've even uninstalled Windows 8 and now I'm using Windows 7 because of this. And the games are now running ok, very fast. My experience with slow old games is "Airfix Dogfighter" from year 2000 and "Mortyr" from 1999. They both were slow on Windows 8, but ok on Windows 7.
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    Windows 8.1 Preview Pro 64

    Have you tried running them in compatibility mode?
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    windows 8.1

    I figured out that is a directdraw issue with windows 8. seems the emulation in windows 8 isnt as good as it is in windows 7.

    directdraw had issue in windows 7 as well but more color problems then speed.
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    With the colour problem, I think I got that when installing and playing diablo 1. Very annoying.
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old games on windows 8 slow
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