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Microsoft Flight on 46" LG TV

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    Microsoft Flight on 46" LG TV

    Can't seem to get Microsoft Flight to work when my laptop is connected to the TV (via VGA). Guessing it must be the higher resolution. Works fine when played in the laptop though. Also works when laptop is connected to Samsung monitor. Is there any workaround? Windows 8 games don't have this problem. All I get is a black screen that sort of flashes between this and the desktop, and the background music.

    Thanks for any suggestions 😀

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    Through the control panel.. change the screen resolution.
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    Tried that but the TV will only accept one resolution 😔. It won't even let me pick another.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HedCase View Post
    Tried that but the TV will only accept one resolution . It won't even let me pick another.
    That sounds bad. I got some TV's here but they all support at least 5 - 10 resolutions, even more. (smaller than 40 inches though...).

    Select the TV as the only screen that displays (turning off the laptop/pc monitor: don't forget to turn this back on later when you're done just to be safe.) might solve it.
    Try to change the resolution on the Windows Desktop (right click -> screen resolution) when you are on the TV.

    If you are not allowed at all to change it, it means that the game cannot switch to it's needed mode since the TV doesn't have it.

    Go and see (and pray) if the game supports the TV resolution: look online for some info on this and some command arguments to pass the needed resolution to the executable's shortcut before starting it up (at least if that exists for the game) in the worst case scenario.

    With only one resolution, there is not much chance the game will run unless the game supports that one too.

    Good luck.
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    Thanks. Appreciate your help. Will keep my fingers crossed at all times 😀
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Microsoft Flight on 46" LG TV
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