Impulsors is an UNLIMITED FREE TRIAL game. No Ads!! Play the first 10 LEVELS of each world FREE. Upgrade to the Full Version from within the game. Make your way through three worlds of 75 challenging levels and diverse gravitational behaviors. Each new scenario is more entertaining and lively than the previous and demands a new strategy.

A seemingly simple, yet devilishly hard game to play it requires some strategy, cunning and some definite planning skills to get beyond the first couple of levels.

The backgrounds are beautiful, the play entrancing and each level is short enough that this could easily become the go
to game for every person wanting to while away a moment or two while waiting for that bus, or the kids to come home.

With power at your fingertips the Impulsor can blow away the evil GRePs looking to steal your Gems… but too much
power can knock those Gems into the clutches of the evil GRePs … just position an explosive Impulsor, set the power and watch as gravity (different in each world) dictates just how the GRePs, and your precious Gems behave. For the
ability to engross a user, the simplicity that entices and the complexity that keeps you coming back for more.

Impulsors app for Windows in the Windows Store