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List of Games Working with Windows 8 Developer Preview

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    Windows 8 RP x64

    MINECRAFT on some devices

    It says it couldn't find Advanced OpenGL thing. I had to ditch Windows 8 because of it.

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    Windows 8 Consumer Preview AND Windows 7 Home Premium x64 (Dual Boot)

    Quote Originally Posted by jryoo View Post
    MINECRAFT on some devices

    It says it couldn't find Advanced OpenGL thing. I had to ditch Windows 8 because of it.
    If it a custom PC, did you install the graphics drivers, and if so, did they install correctly? You may have to install them in Compatibility Mode for Windows 7/Vista.
    If it is a stock PC, try searching for newer drivers. Windows Update isn't always reliable at finding updated software.
    If it still doesn't work, then yes, ditch 8 and use 7 or a Linux distro such as Ubuntu.

    I had the exact same problem when I first built my PC. I would get a crash followed by an error screen that said something about missing OpenGL drivers. I installed the graphics card driver in normal mode; no dice. I then tried Windows 7/Vista Compatibility Mode, and voila! Minecraft!

    This fix should work for all games that require OpenGL, including pretty much all Steam games, due to 8's similarities to 7 and Vista. Also, 8 uses fewer resources than 7 and Vista, so games will run smoother. The work is worth it.

    Hope you get it fixed!
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    Orbiting the Moon
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    Windows 10 x64

    There seem to be some Java x64 issues with opengl on 64bit Windows.
    Minecraft uses Java: there are still openGL problems, and if it worked in Win7 use that.

    Even on Win7, I got Java x64 that crashes with (some) openGL samples from the Jmonkeyengine.

    But I never played Minecraft to test that out.
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    Triple Boot: Windows Xp, Windows 7 and Windows Release Preview, Virtual Machine ( Windows 8 )

    Will NFS MW Black Edition 2 Work on RP?
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    My Windows 8 Game Experience So Far

    I`ve just assembled a new A10 Rig and bought a batch of new games to load onto it.

    My experience with Windows 8 is 50% failure rate (or I could say a 50% success rate)

    All three of the games that are all `Steam`games and so far they don`t work.

    1. DIRT3,
    2. DIRT Showdown
    3. IL*2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover

    I emailed Codemasters for support on Dirt3 - they did reply saying it should work but that Windows 8 is not officially supported by Dirt3 so they could not offer tech support.

    I`ve emailed them about Dirt Showdown, no reply yet.

    Could it be that my rural satellite internet connection is creating a Steam problem I get a whole 1.5 Mbps on a clear day, somedays it goes down to .5 Mbps. (just retested today it is 1.1 Mbps). I know that I cannot play games on-line that is why I buy DVD`s - I hate this Steam thing, takes forever to load their advertisement before I get to the `play`button, and then I press it and nothing happens (other than it reports that I`ve played my game today - but they lie, I have never played these games).

    BUT there is good news the following games do work:

    1. Warbirds: Dogfights
    2. Need For Speed: Shift2 Unleashed Limited Edition
    3. X Plane 10: Regional North American edition*

    *When I tried to install X Plane I could not read the installation screens. I checked online and there was a different downloader to be downloaded and used instead of the one on the DVD. So I did. It made no difference. Here is the screen.

    Click image for larger version

    I tired fiddling with various resolutions because I could kinda make out the screen but the image was just too fuzzy. On a hunch I disabled the Dual-Graphics mode which crossfires my APU & my HD6670 through AMD`s Catalyst program and that worked. Running only on the graphics card the install screens were crisp.

    The game played OK using the HD6670 alone, but then I thought I`d see what happens when I re-enabled `dual graphics`mode and the game still worked just fine. I didn`t benchmark the FPS or anything to test the difference between the two modes, in game play I didn`t notice any difference. But I`m not a great pilot and was just learning to get my Cessna off the ground and land it again without crashing.

    The X-Plane game automatically found my T-Flight Hotas X Flight Stick which was nice.

    NFS Shift2 Unleashed did not find my Challenge Wheel, although when it was plugged in neither the wheel nor the keyboard controlled the car. I`m sure there is a way to make that happen. Windows 8 did find and identify both of these controllers (their icon shows them as Xbox style controllers but it does identify them correctly.

    I have two more games on order from Ebay - the old standby MS Flight Simulator 10 the Gold Edition, and Flight Gear Pro. I`ll update this post once they arrive and I get them installed.

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    Windows vista, 8

    Quote Originally Posted by DigidragonZX View Post
    Alien Swarm
    Modern Warfare 2
    Team Fortress 2
    World of Warcraft
    America's Army 3
    Champions Online: Free For All
    Dead Island
    Deus Ex Human Revolution
    F.E.A.R 3
    Warcraft 3
    Global Agenda
    Grand Fantasia
    Half life 2: Deathmatch
    Heroes of Newerth
    Hunted The Demons Forge
    Left 4 Dead 2
    Modern Warfare
    Perfect World
    Portal 2
    Savage 2
    Shin Megami Tensei Imagine Online
    Spiral Knights
    Starcraft 2
    TrackMania Nations Forever
    Unreal Tournament 3
    War Inc. Battlezone
    World At War
    Assasins Creed Brotherhood
    Crysis 2
    Desktop Dungeons
    Diablo 2
    Duke Nukem Forever
    E.Y.E. Devine Cybermancy
    From Dust
    Hacker Evolution Duality
    Peggle Extreme
    Phantasy Star Universe Illuminus
    Plants vs Zombies
    Saints Row 2
    Serious sam
    Warhammer 40000 Dawn of War 2

    Forsaken World
    S4 league (Bleu screen of )
    Dragon's Nest
    Rusty Hearts
    (probably all Xtrap Games!!)

    (tell me if you want somthing tested)
    can some test:
    Dead Space
    Left 4 Dead(1)
    Garry's Mod
    Batttlefield 3
    Mass Effect 1/2/3
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    Update - received an email from Codemaster's Dirt Showdown (a 2012 game!) is not supported in Windows 8. Also my NFS Shift2 has stopped working - it goes through the Authorization process - enter the code press enter - it is authorized - and nothing. Reloading it again and will update if my reload works.
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    Covington, La
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    Windows 7 HP 64bit, Windows 8.1 Pro w/Media Center 64BIT

    I have been running Dirt 3 with Windows 8 Pro RTM and RP before that, and it works great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phone Man View Post
    I have been running Dirt 3 with Windows 8 Pro RTM and RP before that, and it works great.

    Pardon my novice-ness but what is this RTM? I'm using Windows 8 Pro 64 Bit - using the DVD upgrade version sold in stores not downloaded. And I could not get any of my Steam games to play. And now NFS Shift 2 won't load.
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    Windows 8 enterprise x64

    erase everything in your steam folder except the "SteamApps" folder and "steam.exe" and then start steam.exe, it will reinstall steam,, no worry, all your game are in the SteamApps folder
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List of Games Working with Windows 8 Developer Preview
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