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Any suggestions for good fee RPG or MMOPG from app store?

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    Any suggestions for good fee RPG or MMOPG from app store?


    Err.....correction: Good & Free

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    Cant say if its in the app store or not but i can tell you a couple of good free mmorpgs that run in windows 8. First on the list is Aion, works just fine on win 8 and can be downloaded from the ncsoft website just a quick google for Aion and your set. Next on the list is Raiderz from Perfect World, can be downloaded from the perfect world website, this is an action mmorpg and has a lot of replay value and quite fun. As of june 12th 2013 Rift will be joining the f2p market, for now you can play free to level 20. This is one of the best mmorpgs ive ever played and would have captured my life the way WoW has if it would have been released a bit eariler. Since its free to play future has been announced i have started playing this one a little each day, very polished and runs well on most any dual core pc/notebook that has at least a pentium cpu or newer sandy bridge based celeron 1.4 and above for sure and hd 2000 onboard graphics(yep you guessed it my rig, hp 2000 notebook pentium 2.2, 4gb ram and intel hd also called hd 2000, also have acer netbook with celeron 987 1.4 and hd 2000 video plays fine on that too) If you are looking for more World of warcraft like gameplay and graphics then check out allods online, its an older f2p but very very well made, graphics styling very similar to world of warcraft and most wow players will be at home, gear is listed the same way as wow by color; green is uncommon, blue rare and so on. Any of these games will run on windows 8 (not the RT tablet version mind you has to be x86 or -x86-64 based) in other words you need to have a cpu from either intel or amd to run these, will run on either 32 or 64 bit windows/cpu's. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask me and ill answer as soon as i can. Ohhh and a side note there is the new game that is very interesting and that is called Age of Wushu, while it is f2p i have been told that after 10 hours you are limited to 1 hour a day play unless you subscribe, have not been able to confirm this yet (just haven't looked really) this is a martial arts themed game and while i has incredable graphics it is very well ummm complicated to put it mildly. Check it out but keep in mind you need a decent pc to play this one, on my pentium with intel hd that one lags a bit. If you are on a desktop and have a dedicated pci-e video card and decent dual core cpu, you should be ok but notebook users just try it, that will tell you if you can run it or not.
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Any suggestions for good fee RPG or MMOPG from app store?
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