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Strategic Engine Profiles for the Strategic Commander

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    Strategic Engine Profiles for the Strategic Commander

    I have all the original profiles including profile packs 1&2 + more for the Strategic Commander, but they are not compatible with the new Strategic Engine created by Philip Merwarth that work on x64 OSs. I have searched around the web for uploaded and/or linked profiles that Strategic Commander along with Strategic Engine users may have created, but have found nothing to date. By creating this post/thread, my hopes are that to get Strategic Engine users to upload/link their own personally created profiles for all Strategic Commander users to utilize and enjoy. I have created this post/headline/title in the following forums: Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, software.informer
    I also have the intention of uploading a torrent file on that will contain "all" the original profiles including packs 1&2 + more, an .iso of the original drivers/profiler disk, the latest update/patch to the former x32 drivers/profiler, and the Strategic Engine created by Philip Merwarth for x64 systems.
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    Win 7 SP1

    Please point me to your torrent.
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    Windows 8 Pro

    I have the Strategic Commander working in Win 8 using Strategic Engine v1.3 from your download.

    I'm having a problem with Battlefield 3, my guy always runs when I push forward, even though I'm not pushing the run button.

    I've tried enabling and disabling "Walk Zone" option and minimizing and maximizing the walk zone but my guy still always runs. I can't move while crouched or prone without standing up and running. I've tried remapping walk to a different button than default (left shift).

    Any help figuring out a workaround would be appreciated, basically unusable if I can't fix this issue.

    Edit: I was able to get this working by remapping "Move Forward" from the default of "W" to the "UP arrow". Makes no sense really but the Strategic Commander is usable now.
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    Sorry for posting in an old thread.
    But I have just got Windows 8.1 and am trying to get my Strategic Commander to work with the Strategic engine. But it is not seeing it. I am getting an error telling me that it does not see it and i need to unplug and replug back in.
    After doing this, it is still not seeing my trusty old Commander

    Could some one tell me how they got it to work please?

    Thanks in advance.

    It is starting the program now and I have set my keys and saved to default profile, but it doesnt see the button being pressed. Any one have any clues please?
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Strategic Engine Profiles for the Strategic Commander
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