I am used to running my Xbox Friends list in a persistent browser tab so I can see who is online, what they are playing and send messages. I thought Windows 8 would be great now that Gaming is a built in app with this same functionality. How wonderful it will be to just snap my Xbox friends to the side while I browse in IE.

It may even help make up for how multitask unfriendly Modern IE is. Seriously, are the IE testers and developers a bunch of 90 year old grandmothers? Who came up with no way to organize, rename, sort or even sift through your favorites...let alone the idea that tabbed browsing is a seldom used 'convenience' item that doesn't need to be focused on.

Anyway, back to Games...when you try to put the Games app in snapped mode you get nothing but a bare green column with a logo and an arrow button that unsnaps the app.

What is most disappointment about this is that MS breaks two of their cardinal "Modern" development guidelines.

  • Because users can snap every app, you should design your app for the snapped view state.
  • Don't add UI controls to programmatically unsnap your app. The splitter between the apps is always present and lets the user unsnap whenever they want to.

So I guess I don't have much of a point, other than it is not very encouraging when the people behind the o/s don't even conform to their own 'best' practices. If they can't or won't put forth the time to solve the problem why do they expect other developers to? In the end it all hurts the user experience.