hello all, im getting really low fps in all my games, and even windows 8 is self feels really slow. it all happened after a blue screen i had this morning, so im wondering if anyone who reads this and with similar setups can tell me what fps they are getting.

intel 3770k cpu not overclocked
h100i cpu cooler
Corsair Neutron GTX 120GB SSD
2tb western ditgal HDD
gigabyte amd hd 7970 gpu not overclocked
asrock z77 extreame 6/tb4 motherboard

games and fps:
starcraft 2 max settings 1080p: 40 fps gos lower lots
mechwarror online med-low settings 1080p 30 fps often gos lower too
thats the only games i tested so far.

and if you think it may be the blue screen that caused this (the lack of fps happened after one before i got good fps) please look here: BSOD on newly installed Windows 8 OS on my just built PC
and do you think reinstalling windows 8 would work?

so if any one can tell me how to fix and what fps they get on these games that would be great.