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I need help!

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    I need help!

    I hope I am in the right forum for this. Over the weekend I bought a new computer that has windows 8 and my little girl loves to play farmville 2 on facebook and my question is I cant get farmville 2 to load on IE9 or firefox or google chrome it only loads half way all of the other games she plays load great and they are zynga games. I have updated flash and java. I have uninstalled Farmville 2 and reinstalled, I have cleared cache and it still only loads half way. Is there something in Windows 8 that I need to do?

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    Windows 8 has IE10, not IE9. If other java games work, then there's nothing wrong with the java installation. Maybe Farmville is not compatible with the latest Java update? I don't see how it could be a problem with Windows 8 because it gets into the java portion and java takes over from there.
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    I dont understand why its just farmville 2, she also plays coasterville and candy crush and they all load great.
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    FarmVille does not need Java... I have mine disabled in control panel applet and it never asks me to run it or that its needed and my farm works fine without it being ran at all when visit a site that needs Java I get the square in a box showing the program didnt have it and ask if I wanna use this one time or always allow site to use it but that dont hapen ever in FarmVille...

    with google chrome you get pepper flash not Adobe.. pepper flash is made by Google (comes inside of Google Chrome)

    Adobes flash 'refered to still for some reason as shockwave flash... really tho.... shockwave is not flash
    and flash is not shockwave they are different programs both are made by Adobe' and you can download
    both at adobes site and yet some reason their error messages refer to it as shockwave flash has crashed
    so many are confused and trying to install new shockwave without any luck and others are tryin to instal
    Java as suggested above and wondering why doesnt farmville work...well both was wasted time doing for
    farmville anyway...may want to install shockwave for other things as well as java but not needed for FV...

    Adobe used to be called Macromedia and then they started refering to flash as "Shockwave" in fact still think
    they have a site called and had shockwave games and not real sure the differences in them.

    but its really Adobe Flash *OR* Adobe Shockwave...their isnt really no Shockwave Flash honestly!

    you dont need shockwave to play farmville and you dont need java to play either...Just Flash

    Bizcax you mentioned Firefox and google chrome,,,,I have tried both and prefer Chrome myself
    but to each their own...but when you have both you have downloaded Adobe Flash and possibly
    an activeX flash version as well *just works for microsoft active X in Internet explorer/compatible*

    so you had 1 or 2 versions and then when you get Google Chrome it has the pepper flash version in it
    and it also can find the Adobe version of Flash if you have one installed *you must have if did game*

    but when you install more versions of flash chrome allows you to be able to use them if you so desire in it...
    say for game developers to test how their game would play to others on different types or versions of flash

    in the address bar in google chrome you add


    hit enter and it takes you to a page and shows plugins used by chrome this is where you can see what plugins are installed and whats enabled/disabled....look for the flash section mine has it called Adobe Flash Player but maybe called just Flash if older GC

    for flash to work right without conflicts ideally you want to disable all but one type of flash under the flash section inside chrome make sure just the highest version number is enabled and disable the other version(s) currently its like version 11.5

    generally speakin newer is supposedly better than older..
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    do note tho when you change versions or types of flash that are being used in google chrome ...farmville will prompt again if you want to use cache and then again asking you to allow them unlimited space to store files again 'best to say yes to both' but it does take longer for each farm the first time you go to each until it sends all the images back to your drives for later use 'to make it faster' but you can alternatively if dont like response of newest flash disable it and enable the other and test it ..just it
    means needin to wait for all the images to load again the first time

    right after adobe updated to 11.5 I was sudenly overnite unable to get into my farm and it ate my system resources and then
    browser got super slow and game play was jerky and if you try to move 4 inches and it dont move so you try move again and
    then sudenly it decides to jump twice sorta deal I removed the newest chrome at that time and went to oldapps site and got google chrome v22 *an official release not a beta or developer version* and it came with 11.3 pepper flash and 11.4 adobe
    and for me the pepper flash worked best ....but different pc now 'that was laptop of my sisters and back on desktop now and its
    using 11.5 and it works fine for this system now so different systems may find different results 'no one size fits all in pcs'
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    windows 7 home pro

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I need help!
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