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Older games on Windows 8.

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    Whatever. I'm out of here. Have a good day.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Enigma View Post
    That's why I DON'T discuss games that do work, I discuss those involved with compatibility/color mode issues to get them to work, and they might work but not on first click. Usually very old ones (to begin with those from the 90's, newer ones are easier to get going but there are always exceptions).
    In my definition if a game doesnt launch "out of the box" without issues then it falls into the '"not working/partially not working" category and are fair game for discussion. It's complicated even more because everyone has different hardware and what may work out of the box for me may not do so for you and vice versa.
    So what's up with this? I don't get it. A game doesn't launch without issues.... you mean with one or a bunch of issues!

    That's the part where I jump in to discuss, different hardware makes it even more challenging. The best part is that you try to make a game work.

    There's no need to fight the windmill:
    There will always be people interested in threads like these, this threads have their place, that's why I don't bother trying to convince anyone not to post. I post when I have something useful to say.

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    I doubt your OS is 64bit
    I have win 8.1 64bit and its incompatible with old games , as well as win 7 64bit
    I played every game on 8.1 32bit when I was having it as Recoil 1998
    you can get them work on 32bit windows but 64bit is incompatible ( especially giving Video adapter error) , Good luck
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    windows 8

    I'm struggling getting the pc games to open on my win 8 tablet tried changing the res down but still no luck, any advice?
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    Windows 8.1

    It's actually weird that I can run GTAIV perfectly, but can't run GTAIII..
    I can also run Far Cry 3 perfectly.

    It would be awesome if someone knows how to I can run GTAIII perfectly on Win8..

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    Thank you Wenda,
    I also play these games on Windows 8.1 64Bit.
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    Just for your information I have had no issues running Diablo 3 with expansion StarCraft 2 with Expansion and The Sims 4 in Windows 8.1. Just incase anyone wanted to know. and by the way just about every game I have ever installed and played has worked on what ever system I was using.
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Older games on Windows 8.
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