Hello, I run an ideapad z565 with Ati Radeon hd 4200 series gpu, Amd dual-core 2.8ghz phenom 2, 6.00gb ram.

I play online Gta San Andreas whiich is pretty simple not very gpu intensive, everytime I've played on win7 it lags in a way thats kind of hard to describe. Its like jitters in the graphics which makes gameplay very hard because if I'm driving and make a turn when it acts up and glitches then it skips ahead and I end up hitting a tree or something.

Such a strange problem that I can't pin point in windows 7, I've done updates to DX, installed performance updates through win update, and optimized the hard drive to its best performance. But no luck, the system is fast but the game still has problems.

Which brings me to windows 8, I'll install windows 8 and install the game and boom, works perfect. So basically I'm stuck with windows 8, I've tried going back to 7 but everytime I do, I encounter problems when playing the game. Of course it only acts up on the online part, not the normal single player mode. But for me on my laptop I can feel the difference in performance, win 8 is very good and fast. So I'm glad windows 8 runs it perfect, I just don't understand why a laptop built for windows 7, with a good cpu and gpu can't run an older game smoothly. Whatever the inconsistency is in windows 7, its seems like its been addressed and fixed in windows 8.

Vista was the same as windows 7 too with poor game performance of gta san andreas online. Xp was decent but I can't benifit from DX 10 on Xp. Plus Xp dosen't have some advanced features like newer windows does. I run the darkness 2, and assassins creed which are DX 10.