I login to my computer with example abc@live.com.

A long time ago I set up the login to my xbox360 with a non mircrosoft account.

Now I want to go into xbox360 and change the old account to match my new abc@live.com, so among other things I can use the new smartglass app to access my xbox remotely.

In the xbox360 menu I go to account settings whatever and enter where it asks for the new account login (abc@live.com) and password, as soon as I go to accept it, xbox360 says that that login is allready being used for another xbox360 account.

My question is, can I be logging into my windows 8 as abc@live.com and someone else is logging into their xbox360 as abc@live.com and the two are unrelated?

How is one supposed to know this, the only way to fix this as far as I know is to open another live.com account and then change both the login accounts for both windows 8 and xbox360 which I don't want to do.

any help would be appreciated