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Windows 7 Game Pack on Windows 8

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    Windows 7 Game Pack on Windows 8

    I know this has been discussed some on the forums but I was never able to successfully install these games on Windows 8. However, I finally found a website that has a download that handles this perfectly.

    Microsoft Games for Windows 8

    This download provides two installers: one for 32-bit and one for 64-bit. Use the correct one for your version of Windows 8. It installs the games (properly modified) in the appropriate locations and even creates Metro tiles for each of the games.

    To be honest, the main one I wanted was Chess Titans. I think the new free Xbox Metro apps do a great job of implementing the solitaire and minesweeper games.

    I see no problem with installing these games since they were free on my Windows 7 system which I paid for and really should have been included in Windows 8.

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    Yeah, I do like what they did with the Solitaire Collection, Minesweeper, and Mahjong. But they left out Hearts, The 3D Chess, and Purble Place (which is a good game if you have or are related to young children).

    3D Chess Titans already had a cool 'theme' system going, so all they have to do is port that over to the Metro side of things and it'd be golden. I dunno why they couldn't have included Hearts in the Solitaire Collection and just simply called it the Microsoft Card Games Collection or something. The only Hearts game available in the Windows store doesn't let you customize the names, the look, and the AI is too easy even on "Hard". A less kiddy variation of Purble Place could have been done too with the three game varieties it had (which honestly coulda been challenging enough for an adult, too).

    On top of this, they made it nearly impossible to run these games on Windows 8 without someone first hacking/patching them. Imagine the horror of someone doing an in-place upgrade from 7 to 8 and finding out their favorite games just flat out disappeared.
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    Thanks for the link Rollerdog! I much prefer the Windows 7 games over the stuff MS offers from its store.
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    Has anyone got this to work on the 32 bit Consumer Preview or Upgrade versions of W8?
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    Windows 8.1 Pro x64 bit

    I just installed it on my 64 bit upgrade version of 8 and it works like a charm.
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    When I install it all I get is a start folder containing something called 'Games Explorer'. The games themselves do not appear.

    Why might this be?

    I am using the 32 bit upgrade version of W8.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro x64 bit

    For 32bit I assume you are installing "msgames_win8_x86" version?
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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleJay View Post
    For 32bit I assume you are installing "msgames_win8_x86" version?
    I have got the games to work now by following the instructions to copy from W7 rather than by running
    "Microsoft Games for Windows 8 v1.2" - Thanks
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    machare -- I only used the 64-bit installer from the download which worked perfectly. I also am installing onto the RTM version of Windows 8. I think the installers in the download were designed to be installed on the RMS (official) version of the operating system.

    Glad you got it working though.
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    Hi there
    I think I missed your post as I posted another link

    anyway confirmed --works perfectly on W8 X-64 Enterprise -- installed and ran no problem.

    I don't like the metro version of some of these games -- for starters they are too "Kiddy looking" and most of all I often run these (Hearts and Spider Solitaire usually) while concurrently doing other things so I don't need or want these to run Metro style on a full screen

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Windows 7 Game Pack on Windows 8
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