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    windows 7 professional 64bit

    likes others have said a new directx is pointless until we get a new generation of consoles. while i do not think we will get a new generation of consoles this year i would be shocked if we didnt have a new generation of consoles by holiday 2012

    this would also coincide with the possible release of windows 8 (which would in theory have a new directx)

    personally, if windows 8 does support a new directx (as does the new generation of consoles) microsoft shouldnt release another directx until we get a new generation of consoles. whats the point of having a new directx when all the game devolopers are developing for the consoles? all it does is make people angry that we have all these features which are simply going to waste.

    as for features of a new directx i would like to see:

    1) more advanced tesselation
    2) a physics engine built in (this was we would have a more unified approach to physics so developers might actually use it)
    3) 3D support (guarentee if microsoft is smart they will support 1080P 120 frames per second)
    4) Better support for multiple video cards

    as for ray tracing.. it would be nice to see but i still dont think even by the end of next year we would have graphics cards powerful enough to render ray tracing in realtime (especially at high resolutions) and even if you could it would probably have to be a monster tri sli system or something like that. havent heard much about ray tracing in while so i could be wrong

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    windows 7 64bit upgrade

    Pc more tessllation

    Directx 12 could enhance the pc world because processors are 4 and 6 core, gpu's are getting better and faster as well, so why not microsoft give it to the pc world because consoles are falling behind what i mean by that is the developer as not upgraded the console, "way make pc wait", the consoles would have to do some catch up thats all!!!!
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    Vista Ultimate 64, Windows 7 Professional 64, Windows 8 64 Preview

    The only difference that I have noticed between dx10 & dx11 is that the 2nd one is only sharper which is basically the tessilation.
    DX11 is still fresh as hot buns and many games are produced in the latter between 4 of direct x version (9c/10/10.1/11).
    DX12? That's not coming out anytime soon, neither is Windows 8.
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    a physics engine built in
    I agree. That would be good.

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    One of the problems currently is also that many games are made for consoles and then quickly ported over to PC without adding new technology. That can be one of the reasons that many new games are not DX11.
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    Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit OEM

    Quote Originally Posted by matejdro View Post
    One of the problems currently is also that many games are made for consoles and then quickly ported over to PC without adding new technology. That can be one of the reasons that many new games are not DX11.
    That's precisely it. Good example: Crysis 2. This is why they need to stop making console games to put pressure on Sony and Microsoft to make newer consoles. But, that's a debate for another topic as well. Really though, it's the console market that's slowing things down because developers will still make console ports.
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    oh...Dx12...This is gonna be really awesome for my gaming
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    Win7 Ultimate x64 SP1

    I dont see a need to launch DX12 now, 90% of the gaming market uses DX9/10 and only a few offers a fully support to DX11. It appears to me it is only a matter of propaganda to sell more video cards/operating systems.
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    Windows 8 Developer Preview

    As long as i can play Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Multi-player I'm sold
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    take a look at google chrome its not on 14th :P
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