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    And maybe a host of new GPUs ... DX - whatever ready ?

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    It doesn't really matter what DX version MS releases until their real next-gen console is eventually released. (Fingers crossed that they aren't planning on sticking with DX11 based GPU's )

    Even then PC games will be limited to that particular DX version for that consoles life span as newer DX versions, cards and OS'es evolve while consoles remain 'feature locked'.

    Just like the current Status Quo of predominately DX 9 titles with tacked on DX 11 features.

    At least there are more titles with tacked on DX11 than there were for DX10. However it's still nowhere near the hyperbole that DX11 promised PC gaming.

    I'd like to see newer DX versions be somehow much better utilized for more non-gaming tasks (ie OS GUI mega eye candy, Browser mega eye candy etc).

    At least that way PC users won't be stuck using cards technically two steps ahead with capabilities that rarely get used.
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    I don't any real need to buy any DX12 card since most games use DX9/10
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    A fair amount of games that had DX10 support added, also support DX11.

    Those that don't support DX11 are games that were developed prior to DX11 being released or were too late in the development cycle to re-code to add DX11 features.

    As already outlined in a previous post, what DX version which matters the most is the DX version that the next round games consoles will use because that will become the new 'DX9' for years to come.

    Unless they find a use outside of gaming for cards with higher hardware support features than consoles, PC GPU's will always be ahead with under-utilized features.
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    All you need for Windows 8 would be a solid DX 11 card that does what you need it to do for what you do.
    Ray tracing would be nice for DX 12 though.
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    Microsoft DirectX 11.1 and DirectX 12 rumors

    Apparently, with the help of AMD and NVIDIA, company is working on two
    versions separately. According to the scenario A, the next version of DirectX
    will be revealed next and not this year, as some sites suggest that is 2011.
    Likely, it will happen during the Gamefest 11 event. Let’s just say late Q2 of
    2011. Therefore, you can expect next generation of GPUs from both AMD and NVIDIA
    to fully support DirectX 11.1 features.What is more interesting is the fact that
    version 11.1 might be canned and merged with the DirectX 12, in case plans don’t
    go as expected. However, if DirectX 11.1 is merged with DirectX 12, year 2012 is
    when you can expect new GPUs with such support, which are AMD Radeon HD 8000 and
    NVIDIA Maxwell.
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    Better hair effects. I want my character to have natural moving hair instead of these plastic tops that are common today!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zen00 View Post
    Better hair effects. I want my character to have natural moving hair instead of these plastic tops that are common today!
    The processing power per frame for that...
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    Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

    Full 64 bit support for both CPU and GPU
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    windows 7 64bit upgrade

    More Tessellation

    IS there any way that you could give video games more tessellation, so the characters, environment could look more Cinematic in there appearance,to the video games that need it!!
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