If you've been going crazy trying to get your MP3 stick to play files in order you might try Fat Sorter freeware. I was using Bulk Rename Utility to rename mp3 files I had in numbered sequence and set the create date. That seemed to work at first. But not for long. I remembered someone else had this issue and found the old post.

I just ran Fat Sorter on this directory of mp3. Doing a Dir command in a command prompt shows results in the desired order with no sorting done by the command. So until something goes wrong I have to assume it works.

With music it may not be a big deal but for radio show podcasts I have to listen in sequence. Searching with the Next Button in the player trying to read the tiny font was driving me bonkers.

Hopefully now I can look like this when listening to my favorite comedy radio show:

Edit: btw this is a Desktop Program