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    RAID 1 is a mirror. It's best for an OS drive, so you can suffer a drive failure and keep the machine booting. For data drives, I don't really recommend RAID 1. You suffer a slight write penalty, as it writes each file twice, and from a safety standpoint, if you do something dumb like delete a file, or get a virus, it will wipe out files on both drives super fast. You might, and I say that lightly, get a slight read gain since you have more than 1 spindle that that you can read from...but for all intents and purposes, I don't think you will see it.

    I'm unsure how to answer your original question. I would not personally splice cables and such together. But then again, I've never had a need to attempt to run so many cables. Perhaps you should get an external cabinet that runs over eSata or USB 3.0 and run all of this storage there. You would then possibly pick up hot swappable drives and such making recovery times from failures that much faster.

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    Don't know much about RAID.
    From what I've observed for home storage better use RAID 1+0 (not 0+1) might be your best choice. It can lose up to 1/2 of itís drives and still function, as long as there is at least one drive from each mirrored group.
    On some of my office work I found the best way is using RAID hardware, we are using Adaptec (not software) unavoidably we have to use SAS drive which cost a lot more.
    We also still have some with Barracuda ES that have been given us less fault.
    I read that now RAID 6 started to becoming a choice you can read more here and also here

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PSU questions
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