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Windows 8 and Intel D6700MUD-based (ATOM 6700 CPU) system experience?

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    Windows 8 and Intel D6700MUD-based (ATOM 6700 CPU) system experience?

    I'm getting ready to upgrade several old Pentium4-based Dell desktops with the Intel 6700MUD motherboard and 4GB of RAM. Does anyone out there have any experience with Windows 8 and the Atom 6700 CPU? I know it won't be a speed demon, but it would be much better than an old P4-based box with 2GB of RAM and onboard graphics, for sure! I'm looking for a good "upgrade" solution for the people I know who have a 5-8 year old Dell that is running WinXP and they want to upgrade but $ is tight.

    I built a system based on the Intel 6500 CPU a few weeks ago and it ran Windows 7 really well with 2GB of RAM. HD videos ran smoothly and the Intel HD audio was outstanding and I was quite impressed. Thanks in advance!

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    Anybody...anybody.... Bueller...Bueller...
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    I don't believe I've tried Windows 8 with that specific Atom processor, but I can say for sure that Windows 8 runs rather smoothly on an Atom chip.

    A couple months ago, I installed a solid state drive in a little netbook and installed the Windows 8 Release Preview, WOW! Did not know that Atom chips can process like that. That experience REALLY goes to show how hard drives are literally holding back our puters' processing potential. A little Atom processor could boot up Windows 8 from a clean restart faster than any processor that is booting up Windows 8 from a hybrid boot.

    As for a P4 processor, it's pretty usable for sure. I never tried playing a high quality video, although I'd love to see the results of that. I remember using Windows 7 on a P4 processor and playing a video...never seen such audio/video lag before.
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    Thanks for the info! I just ordered 2 Intel D2700DC motherboards and 4GB of RAM for each through Amazon. When these boards come in, I'll replace the aging Dell 4700 mainboards, then install Windows 7 and when we're ready, I'll move noth PC's to Windows 8 unless we decide to keep them on Windows 7. I showed my wife Windows 8 last night and she like the "simplified" appearance, especially in the Windows Mail application. She likes the zippy performance and the ways the screens move so quickly. She uses her PC for email, browsing the web, listening to music and watching Youtube videos, so she would be an excellent Windows 8 candidate.
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    The pathetic onboard graphics of the two Dells that I'm upgrading (Dell 2400's, I believe) is what really drags things down. Playing videos on those PC's is painful. These 6.7" Atom-based boards with 4GB of DDR3 RAM should really move along! There are no 64bit video drivers yet, so I'll load the 32bit version of Windows 7 until the drivers are available and we're ready to make the switch to Windows 8. One of these PC's is my wife's and the other is a PC that I use in my garage to play music, etc... There is no fan on the motherboard, just a large heatsink and the only fan is in the PC Power and Cooling power supplies and there are whisper quiet, so the PC should be unobtrusive in a room. I will be building these next weekend...
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    The 2 Intel D2700DC boards and 4GB of RAM for each will arrive this week. I'll install Windows 7 on one and Windows 8 on the other and let everytone who cares know how it went and any bumps I encounter...
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Windows 8 and Intel D6700MUD-based (ATOM 6700 CPU) system experience?
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