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Is there a "press and tap" gesture for RMB in Windows 8 RP/RTM?

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    Is there a "press and tap" gesture for RMB in Windows 8 RP/RTM?

    I know, that some tablets with Windows 7, had this useful gesture, where you could press an icon with one finger and than quickly tap next to it with another. It felt almost like a real mouse under your hand.
    As far as I remember in DP and CP this gesture was somehow unavailable, but I can't find the information is it working in RP or RTM? It really bothers me, because I'm thinking of buying a Windows 8 tablet...

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    On the Desktop, this gesture still works, at least in the RP that I tried it with. On the Start Screen, you kind of flick on a tile to select it.

    In the RTM, you can actually change these touch gestures from the Control Panel. You can change sensitivity, target fuzziness, and change the right click context menu gestures.
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Is there a "press and tap" gesture for RMB in Windows 8 RP/RTM?
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