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HP G60 120US battery showing plugged in 0% not charging

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    HP G60 120US battery showing plugged in 0% not charging

    Hi anyone getting this? Any way to resolve?


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    There are a few steps that need to be done to troubleshoot this.

    Firstly, does your laptop run fine on battery power? Have you charged it long enough as usual and let it run on the battery? And if so, does it last as long as it should?

    If it doesn't run long on battery power after charging it for a while, this may mean your battery is faulty and needs replacing.

    Secondly, if your battery does work fine, if maybe a software glitch. Go the Device Manger, (Start key and X then click on Device Manger, or type it in at Start) double click on Battery and right click on Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery, and hit Uninstall. Then click on Action, and hit Scan for hardware changes and the driver will reinstall itself.

    If this solves it, then it's a software glitch. This is sometimes common, but in all of my experiences with battery related issues and charging, it's ALWAYS been the battery or some type of hardware issue. My gut feeling is that since your laptop is probably four to six years old, you probably do need a new battery.

    Solutions to common battery problems
    Some additional battery resources.

    A tip I'll don off, I always clean the contact fins on the motherboard of the laptop with about 90 percent rubbing alcohol. This cleans the contacts and can help the battery in some cases and prevents weirdness in general.
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    Hi, thanks for the suggestions. I haven't tried on only battery yet and I don't know why. I'll do that and report back!

    Edit: As soon as I unplugged off she went. The laptop hasn't been used for awhile and I got a new battery for it a couple months before I replaced it for a newer one. When I quit using it the battery was at 80% charge and I took it out. It always did fine charging with vista and 7 both.

    I'll try your other suggestions now. BTW sometimes it does say 0% charging and sometimes it says charged but since it shut right off after unplugging I assume it was never charging.
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    Well now it keeps saying plugged in not charging, next time I look plugged in charging and back and forth.
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    OK it is my bad memory. I did buy a new power supply for it but not a battery, the battery I got was for my sisters lappy. Any way I put it back to factory vista and it acted the same so it is a dead battery.
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    Well then, glad you found out what was happening!

    HP recommends that if you don't use the battery often, say your laptop is plugged in more than anything, you should take the battery out and keep it stored somewhere cool as to maintain long term battery health and capacity. It's best to exercise your battery by charging it all the way and using it until it nears empty, and recharge. If you don't need to scoot around on battery, take it out and use the laptop as a desktop of sorts.
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    I had a HP G60 and I busted my charger. I replaced it, and then the laptop wouldn't charge either. I figured it was the battery and wanted a bigger one. I found a 8800mAh on this site The OEM size was 4400 mAh, which is double the capacity.
    Here's the battery I found: Pavilion G60 Series Battery for Hewlett Packard Laptop
    It's $88 bucks with free shipping.
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    Thanks for the tip TyTy
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HP G60 120US battery showing plugged in 0% not charging
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