When I used to boot up Win 8 & go to the logon screen, the onscreen keyboard would be visible so that I can type in the password or pin. Now, the keyboard doesn't appear. I can go down & click on 'accessibility' & open up a windows 7 'like' keyboard to type in the information. Does anyone have a clue to why this has happened.

One clue that I tend to think is connected to it is, I believe this happened shortly after I installed the Microsoft wireless keyboard to it. Although most of the time I use it without a keyboard...But I don't know if once a driver was installed, it turned that feature off or has some conflict?

To add to this, once I'm logged on, the onscreen keyboard now works in all the apps & the legacy windows apps.

Not sure what the problem is...Any thoughts?

I use a Samsung Slate 7 Series tablet