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Bargain Hunting Time!

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    Bargain Hunting Time!

    I've been watching laptop prices here in Mexico.

    The price of netbooks with Windows 7 Starter Edition has dropped from $370 to $280. Six months ago, a dual-core, 2 gig laptop with Windows 7 Home Edition cost around $800, Now, with 4 gigs and the Pro Edition, they're running around $700.

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    This past week, Windows 7 laptops have dropped about $170 here in Mexico.
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    Yesterday, I saw my first Windows 8 tablets here in Mexico. Selling for about $750, they're put out by a company I never heard of. In the same store, for $50 less, you can buy a Windows 7 laptop with four gigs of RAM, and for $40 upgrade it to 8 Pro. Granted, you won't have a touchscreen, but I consider the laptop a better buy.
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    A few weeks ago, I read an article that said that at $200, Android tablets can't get any cheaper, because they're being sold at cost. A week later, someone came out with a $79 Android tablet.

    Yesterday, I read an article predicting that by this time next year, there will be a $200 Windows 8 tablet. It does make sense.
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    Prices on this stuff never goes up, at least I've never seen it go up... only down over time...
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    By the end of this year, a real decent touch enabled Windows 8 laptop will probably cost 6-700 dollars.
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    I buy components to repair/replace/build systems for friends and people I like and I'm amazed at how inexpensive the high quality hardware really is. Of course I'm an old fart so I'm comparing prices to what they used to be and the technology is far more advanced and much cheaper now than it ever was.
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Bargain Hunting Time!
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