Hello all.
I've just Windows 8 on my desktop, Installation went g them perfectly and i was using the system for a few hours with no problems. I reset the machine after installing a few drivers and when the machine booted back up. The keyboard and mouse stopped working completely, I've tried pluging them into other USB ports with no success.
I haven't installed any updates to Windows 8 and i haven't connected the system to the internet. The keyboard and mouse stop working on the Windows 8 Choose OS screen

I have other OS's installed on the same machine and the keyboard and mouse are still working.

Drivers I installed before i rebooted.

Intel chipset drivers (I think it's this, I'm not sure if the USB ports are working at all)
Firewire Audio interface (M-Audio Project Mix IO)
Graphics card XFX Radeon HD 4800 XXX
Logitech setpoint for my Performance MX Mouse
XBOX 360 Wireless receiver

My motherboard is an Asus PST SE with an i7 920 CPU
Keyboards Generic HP USB keyboard and Apple USB Keyboard with Number Pad.

Thanks in advance!