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Windows 8 To Go driver annoyance

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    Windows 8 To Go driver annoyance

    Happy day everyone!

    I'm playing around with the finalized To Go feature of 8. Problem is is that since Windows detects the system as a removable drive, that means Windows Updates aren't accessible nor is Windows Store and even a couple of Desktop apps won't install as they don't support removable drive installing.

    I had this issue with the CP in a To Go setup and I remember fixing it by replacing the driver file for the flash drive so it will be detected as a local drive. Once that happened, Windows Store, Updates, and some Desktop apps worked fine. I went through the same process for the RTM Enterprise, nope. As the .inf file isn't digitally signed, it isn't installing.

    The issue that comes up is when I go to update the driver, and manually select it, Windows says it isn't digitally signed, but I go ahead and install it. Then, the error comes up as "Windows found the driver file but could not install it as Windows cannot find the file specified." Something of such. So I tried restarting in Disable digital driver enforcement mode, still no go.

    Can I make the driver digitally signed or is this something with the To Go setup that just simply won't allow this to happen?

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    Where are you tryimg to install it from?

    Did you copy the driver onto the usb , and install it from within win to go?
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    I've done it both in my local install of 64 bit of 8 and it says the driver isn't 64 bit compatible. I've also done it within the To Go drive of 32 bit Windows. I've tried both copying and pasting the .inf file onto the To Go Desktop and done it from the local hard drive. All no go.
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Windows 8 To Go driver annoyance
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