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SSD and Hdd Hybrid Rig. Best uses?

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    Given that a lot of us with SSDs also have HDDs for our data files, is the space really that "precious?" I really like how fast Windows 8 boots on my SSD with UEFI and the way it uses the hiberfile to hold boot items.

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    Hi there
    t he read / write life cycle was only really applicable to the early generation of SSD's -- in "Normal" use they will probably outlast your computer especially if its a laptop.

    Use for OS / applications, possibly page file (assuming you have more than one disk in your machine) and if you run photo shop allocate photoshop scratch space on it too especially if using large camera RAW files and loads of layers).

    Any user data such as music, office type documents, spreadsheets, scans, photos, etc should be stored on typical spinners.

    I've got 3 SSD's used daily and they've all outlasted a cheapish external USB WD "Passport" type drive - no more WD drives for me -- Samsung SSD's and external USB3 drives for me now.

    To those who haven't installed an SSD -- you will be amazed at the performance improvement by running the OS from an SSD even on an older computer -- but ensure you have a decent amount of RAM in it too -- while SSD's last longer these days than the earlier models it's no point increasing the wear on them (read / write cycles -- there's no "physical" wear in the classic sense) by causing excessive read/writes due to lack of RAM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kebero View Post
    Given that a lot of us with SSDs also have HDDs for our data files, is the space really that "precious?" I really like how fast Windows 8 boots on my SSD with UEFI and the way it uses the hiberfile to hold boot items.
    Only place I have a problem with it is on my single drive laptop...
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SSD and Hdd Hybrid Rig. Best uses?
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