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Are Logitech wireless mouse/keyboards working?

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    Are Logitech wireless mouse/keyboards working?

    I am about to buy a Logitech MK550 combo and wanted to make sure it works on my W8 RTM.

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    Hello Rollerdog,

    The MX 5500 and the Setpoint software works just fine for me in Windows 8.
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    Good to hear -- thanks
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    I have a Logitech MX3200 mouse/keyboard. The keyboard works fine but I have been having problems with the mouse. The “one touch search” button no longer has an option in Set Point to use it to open IE. I contacted Logitech and was in so many words told: “Oh well. Not all functions that were there before will be there on Windows 8.” Logitech either by default or design may be forcing purchase of newer products that are compatible with Windows 8. The next problem I noticed was a really hypersensitive mouse. Single clicks behaved as multiple clicks. If I tried to highlight something by holding down the left button, the highlight went away as soon as I released the button, not giving me the opportunity to right click and do something else. To make sure that the problem wasn’t Windows 8 I plugged in a wired mouse and the problems disappeared.

    Philosophically, I decided to light a new candle and stop cursing the dark, so I purchased the Logitech Touchpad T650, which was designed for Windows 8. It functions like a touch screen, which I have on a Windows 8 Nokia phone already (a number of reviews put the Windows 8 phone OS ahead of the iphone OS, and I agree. It was an easy transition for my 88 year old mother to go from her old basic cell phone to a Windows 8 smartphone after using Windows 8 on her desktop for two months). I’m now getting used to the tapping/swiping commands for the desktop computer using the T650 touch pad. It does seem like the better way to go.
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Are Logitech wireless mouse/keyboards working?
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