Hi, all.

First and foremost, the controller I have in my machine is an IdeaCom 6650, USB\VID_1CB6&PID_6650&REV_0212. I tried the Developer Preview a while back shortly before it was released to the masses, and the screen worked beautifully, however; getting it to work recently has been a problem.

Since the RTM has been floating around I got my hands on it and have since installed it. The touch screen still functions, but in order to get it to register a touch I have to use three fingers instead of one -- Two need to be pressed off at a distance and the third is the area I mean to press (the device is only meant to register two points at once).

Is there anything anyone can think of towards getting it to function normally? I've done some digging and the proper Windows 7 driver is installed but to no avail. Would it be possible to drag the older drivers from the Preview over to the RTM?