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How do you close metro apps with a tablet - touch screen?

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    How do you close metro apps with a tablet - touch screen?

    the title says it all! If anyone can help I would appreciate it.

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    You "grab" the top of the app and drag it down...
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    I tried that but it doesn't close the app, on some it brings up menu options on others it doesn't seem to do anything
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    Doesn't work for me either.
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    This can help show you how to with a touch screen as well.

    Apps - Close in Windows 8
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    It works with some apps but not with IE, any ideas how to close IE?
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    Quote Originally Posted by CoolJohnB View Post
    It works with some apps but not with IE, any ideas how to close IE?
    For me i put a shortcut of task manager on the start screen, so i just open it and close IE. The above mentionned method works great for other programs/apps. I find that it needs a little practice to do it. I drag down from the top and in the middle of the screen i stop and go up a bit and then go down. That works for me but it might be different on other device.
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    Thanks for that tip problem now solved, I pinned task manager to the task bar in desktop, now its easy to close apps
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    It's a bit tricky if you have a raised bezel around the screen, it's horrid....

    To get it, you kind of need to start slowly down from the top and try to grab it down. There's also swiping in from the side to bring up a different app, you can grab and try to drag that down too.
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    An old post, but might be helpful. Here's a reply I just did on another similar thread.

    close all tabs simultaneously for Metro IE 11 Win8.1?
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How do you close metro apps with a tablet - touch screen?
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