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    Quote Originally Posted by pparks1 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by sygnus21 View Post

    Didn't we have this discussion before pparks

    This is more to do with art and high end performance than practical functionality. It's not for everyone, just as hot rodding cars isn't for everyone
    We probably did. My opinion hasn't changed much, so I'm probably touting the same thing. Get the tool that works the best for you. Heck, I've not even turned on my desktop at home in over a year. I do everything on a laptop these days and I game mostly on my consoles. < Not the "best" solution on any front, but it fits the bill perfectly.
    Neither has mine

    This is the enthusiast forum. Sort of like someone who isn't into computers coming in here and wondering why an abacus and typewriter isn't good enough. Just a thought

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    Lol, what are those green tubes?

    I know everyone has their preferences. Nevertheless, I wouldn't like to have a PC, or whatever, that has a huge mantain price. If I was rich, I wouldn't like to have a super expensive car that eats gas like a tanker. I like to pay things just once, and have low maintenance costs. If I could choose between 2 monster PC's, I'd go with the one that has lower consumption, of course considering that it's a noticeable amount less.

    That's just my opinion. I hate things like gas, phone bills... It's like you never buy the product completely, it sucks, xD.

    For example, right now, even if I had millions of dollars, I'd prefer laptops like mine, a lenovo Y510P that can handle more or less everything, than a overkill clevo that has GTX 880M SLI.
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    WIN 7 PRO x64, WIN 8.1 PRO x64

    Best device I have ever used. +1
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    Quote Originally Posted by rambomhtri View Post
    A question, how water cooled PC's work? Is there a little tank that you refill with normal water that is pumped through all the pipes/tubes? Does it eject/expel too many heat?
    Generaly speaking Water Cooled PC's work the same like Air Cooled PC's. The difference is the location where the heat exchange happens.

    In an Air Cooled System this happens near the location of the Heat Source ( the CPU, the GPU, the PCH, etc... ) while in a Water Cooled System this can happen somewhere else inside the Case or even outside as the heat is first moved to a more favorable Location for heat Exchange.

    Now what is a more favorable location?
    a) Somewhere colder thus improoving cooling performance by temperature difference
    b) Somewhere more spacious allowing for better and/or less noisy cooling performance by using a larger Cooler or Radiator
    c) A combination of the two above

    While it is possible to run a Water Cooled System with regular tap water it is not recommended because of impurities that can cause algae growth. While you can use shitload of Additives to prevent this it's just more favorable to use distilled water or something of similiar purity and then less Additives.

    You can technically make a system without a Reservoir but it'll make it pretty difficult to bleed all the air out of the System which is the main source of noise in a water cooled System if not propperly done - Closed Systems like the Corsair Hydro Series for an example are simple enough to bleed at the factory for this not to be an issue.

    With Water Cooling there is no too much heat expel - You can not go below ambient temperature so the risk of condensation is not possible. It's just just easier to get NEAR ambient temperature because of larger heatsinks.

    Quote Originally Posted by pparks1 View Post
    Liquid cooling is more efficient than air, and quieter. But it's more complex and could leak.
    Depends... IMHO using a 120mm water cooled System is neither more efficient nor quieter...
    Only the location of heat exchange differs which kind of defeats the purpose of such a System.

    But that's just MY opinion.
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    Nice rigs guys! Just scrolled about 20+ pages to see different kinds of rigs
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    so i got a custom loop finally but just learned that i was supposed to flush he rad first and right now its about 2 hours in on leak testing, should i stop and drain it or do you think ill be okay or the damage is already done to my block? also hers a pic since its a pic thread. I didn't know where to post this otherwise since there is not a WC thread. it is a rx360 with d5 and raystorm.


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    Now that is my idea of a rig!
    It is very sophisticated, not like spaghetti junction!

    Does an auto enthusiast buy a Farari & worry about the gas mileage?

    Best rig I have seen in a long time & I am 85!

    The Old Fart
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tully View Post
    Best rig I have seen in a long time & I am 85!
    They had a Show Us Your Rig thread back then?

    (sorry I couldn't help myself. Mean no disrespect )
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    Way back then my Radio Shack TRS-80 with TWO 5 1/4 floppy drives & a tape cassette for program storage was a top rig!

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