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    Quote Originally Posted by adamus View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by R3B3L View Post
    Very blue Your desktop looks interesting from what I can see. Can we get some PrtScr?
    Yes, it is blue.. Aluminum Blue color.
    PrtScr for which one!? from the screen!?
    Ya , a print screen for the desktop. Looks interesting!

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    City of Burj Khalifah
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    Quote Originally Posted by R3B3L View Post
    Ya , a print screen for the desktop. Looks interesting!
    My Desktop and Metro, the taken OS in the rig was W7.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adamus View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by R3B3L View Post
    Ya , a print screen for the desktop. Looks interesting!
    My Desktop and Metro, the taken OS in the rig was W7.

    Oh, ok. Yep, that doesn't look as interesting
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    Click image for larger versionemachines e528
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    My RIG.
    Click image for larger version

    Cable Management
    Click image for larger version

    Two UPS APC 1.5KVA
    Click image for larger version

    My System with Audio Logitech z5500 (No UPS yet in this picture)
    Click image for larger version

    Case in Front View (Fan Controller Aero Cool Xtreme)
    Click image for larger version
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    Bay Area
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    Welcome to Eight Forums avengerpro. Great looking rig, and great cable management

    A Guy
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    Tropical Island Pair a Dice
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    Hi avengerpro, nice clean rig and looks great, welcome to Eight Forums.
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    My Rig

    Click image for larger version

    Here is my setup:

    (see boxes on floor)

    Left to right;

    The desktop I built to test Win8. .
    Also running Office 13 Beta.
    Samsung Monitor;
    Asus Motherboard, AMD processor, 4MB Mem, integrated video, 500gb Drive.
    Can also use monitor to right for 2nd monitor.
    Can also be used to monitor CCTV system.

    2nd Desktop:

    I built for Win7. It was my main Computer.
    Asus MB 4Mb Mem, 1 500 GB HD, 1, 1 Terabyte HD, GeForce Video Card.
    Samsung Multi-input TV. Used as Monitor for Win7 Computer.
    It is also used to monitor CCTV in Apt. Complex.

    3rd monitor:

    Benq Monito.
    Hall way CCTV monitor.

    4th Monitor:

    LG Multi-input LG TV.
    Can be used as 2nd monitor for computer 2.
    With TV sender, it can display & control either Sky TV or FreeSat satellite boxes.

    Under table is Cannon IP3600 printer.

    All devices are networked including my wife's Tosh Laptop she uses in the living room.

    We use WiFi for all except the CCTV Monitoring.

    We also have Cat5 interior cabling that was installed before WiFi!

    By the way, I am the oldest electronic nut on this Forum!

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    My Gear

    Click image for larger version

    Monitors, Left to right;

    1. Monitor ASUS Motherboard W/AMD processor. Win8/ Office 13 Beta. Samsung Monitor. Also used to monitor Apt. Complex CCTV System.
    2. Monitor for ASUS Motherboard W/Intel 5 Processor. Win7. Samsung multi input TV. Can be used as 2nd monitor for System one. Also used to Monitor CCTV system. Also used as monitor for system 3.
    3. Montor for Hall CCTV.
    4. LG Multi input TV, Using a TV Sender (NIKKAI) can watch Sky TV or Free Sat. Can be used as a monitor for Dell Vostro 410 or Apt Complex CCTV.
    Actually between my wife & me we have 3 desktops 2 Laptops & 1 Netbook. All devices except the hall monitor connects to WiFi box. A router is used to connect to Apt. CCTV system. Can connect to router when using WiFi. but cannot use WiFi while router is on. Can use monitors 1 2 & 4 to monitor Complex CCTV. Also DVDs can be burned with information from the CCTV footage.
    Notice the 3 desktop rigs on the floor.

    Last edited by Tully; 09 Aug 2012 at 07:07. Reason: Addition
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    Forever trying to improve.
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