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New Local Disk (Z:) appeared?

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    New Local Disk (Z:) appeared?

    Sometime in the last few days, a new drive seems to have appeared in This PC.

    The new drive is Local Disk (Z: ) and is 256 MB in size (162 free). I do not have access to the drive.

    The drive does NOT appear in Disk Management.

    Googling suggested it might be a mapped temp folder, but SUBST showed up nothing.

    As for as I can recall I haven't installed anything recently.

    I am running virus and malware scans at the moment.

    Any suggestions?


    Click image for larger version

    UPDATE: Although I cannot access the drive myself, I could see some of the folder names as Avast scanned it. It has folders such as :

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    Its the efi boot drive dont mess with it or it wont boot
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    Why has it suddenly appeared as Z?

    And can I hide it again?
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    Yes, just hide the drive, and as samuria suggested, don't mess with it. As for why, I don't know, but there have been a lot of posts lately here and in the Windows 10 Forum with the same thing happening.
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    That should not have just happened on it's own, did you install something right before this?
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    I don't recall installing anything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobthebass View Post
    I don't recall installing anything.
    You probably have HP Support Assistant enabled ?? - I know that if you have it enabled or start it then it shows the Z: drive, which will disappear on a re-boot. p.s. have a HP EliteDesk800 G1 and Support Assistant comes with the pre-loaded HP software
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    Ah - I do have HP Support on the PC. That probably explains it.

    But it just seems a bit strange that it hasn't done this in 2,5 years before. Although I have a vague recollection that HP Support maybe had an update in the last couple of months.

    And in my case, Z is not disappearing on reboot.

    Any harm in disabling the HP Support to see if rebooting then makes Z disappear again?
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    It is by now almost established that HP Support Assistant is responsible for the creation of this mysterious Local drive Z:. On my new HP laptop running Windows 10 64bit , which I am still setting up - I have just completed all updates including the Anniversary Update. I had created a manual System Restore point "after all the updates" and was in the process of installing the applications. At this point I ran HP Support Assistant but closed it midway as its analysis was taking a long time and it was late night yesterday/early morning today . ( I went to bed after midnight )

    Normally I do not click on "My Pc" but after a few hours, rather a few hours back I just did that and saw the Z: drive. My web search confirmed that it is the HP Support Assistant the culprit. I restored my system to the restore point I created "after all updates" and the Z; drive vanished.

    During the web search I came across this interesting youtube video. ( Basically it just hides the drive but in some cases it appears to be reappearing. The permanent solution: if you can't put up with it, uninstall the HP Support Assistant.)

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New Local Disk (Z:) appeared?
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