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is it possible to change disk 0 to 1?

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    is it possible to change disk 0 to 1?

    My C: windows is somehow installed disk 1.. and my little m.2 card is somehow disk 0... but windows main drive is disk 1..

    shouldn't it be disk 0?

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    Disk numbers are not that important you can normally assign them by the order you connect the cables between the motherboard and the drive . The first Sata Port will be Disk 0 the second Disk 1 Etc, so may be changed around for aesthetics by changing the ports used .

    In your case I suspect that the M,2 Card is hard-wired so always takes Disk 0

    Your system should work fine as it is, I assume that you are using, or intend to use, the D: drive on disk 0 as a data store and run the OS and it's related partitions from Disk 1
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    yes I just use the D: as data storage. I can take out the m.2 card though. What's odd, Is I remember taking it out and installing windows, but whatever. I guess my computer works. no problems...
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    This is normally set by which port the drive data cables are connected to the motherboard. In the case of the M.2, that port is set to assume the first disk position (Disk 0) when it detects a card is inserted.

    I guess my computer works. no problems...
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is it possible to change disk 0 to 1?
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