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Install of Second Hard Drive Can'Format

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    Just to let you know that I abandoned the "parallel HD" not too long ago. I had problems with boot, so I simply formatted the 2nd HD, and use it to simply store full images of OS and Data partitions, boot partition [System Reserved]. And, when I'm not making backups, the 2nd HD is disabled [not uninstalled].

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    samuria, ............ In preparing for the upcoming download, I apparently got hung up on the format term. Most of my preliminary readings indicated formating is required. Once I took your advice and used Macrium Reflect, my backup was sucessful. Now I have two hard drives each containg the same information which is what i wanted.

    Since I'm new at this forum, I'm not sure how to mark this thread Solved. Thank you for your continued support and all who respoded to my my first post.
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    samuria, .............. This is the second time I've posted this response. My original to your last post appears to be lost, probably my fault.

    I have taken your advice and used Macrium Reflect as a backup program which apprently took care of the format situation. I now have two drives with the same information on each one which I gave as my desire in my first post.

    I'm not sure how to mark this as Solved but thank you again for your continued support.
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Install of Second Hard Drive Can'Format
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