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customize mouse buttons

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    customize mouse buttons

    hi all,
    i have bought a new Chinese mouse, a nice mouse with good properties but with no special driver.
    the mouse has 9 buttons (home and dpi included), the 6st and 7st buttons are internet and multimedia by default, and i want to change them.
    all the software i found is for 5 buttons max, please help me find a way.
    my knowledge is average, i can work with registry or cmd, and other stuff.

    some info:
    driver : windows driver - Hid compliant mouse
    OS - windows 10
    wireless mouse with a usb port.

    i am searching the web for answers for a couple of days with no success so i will appreciate any help you can give me.

    thank you in advance

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    Without the brand name of the mouse, it is not likely we can help.

    My guess/hope is this is an OEM mouse used by several companies who rebrand it as their own. I suggest you search on 9 button mouse then look for images that look exactly the same as your mouse. Hopefully one will lead you to a brand who has the necessary software on their website that allows you to reprogram what each button does.
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    windows 10

    ok, so ill write all the info i have after some reaserch,

    the german company perixx has a similar product (MX-3200) but with small difference (3 buttons above the wheel instead of two, they have a driver but it wont detect my mouse.

    i think i found the manufacturer, its a chinese or korean compny names, szkodz.
    the only thing written in english is "JS-K8", and they have a product with this name that look the same.
    they have some drivers for other devices but not for this one (i didnt found one).

    this is what i have got until now, there is any way to force the driver to detect my mouse?
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    there is any way to force the driver to detect my mouse?
    No. It does not work that way. Drivers are made for specific pieces of hardware.

    Is this is your mouse? Note this "JS-K8" has 8 buttons plus a scroll wheel, not 9 buttons. This one is wireless. And it does not come with any installation software or special drivers. That means the button functions are pre-programmed in firmware and are not designed to be customized.

    That JS-K8 appears to be the same as the Change 9D Sword Master X9 except this one is wired and the description says, "no need to code, plug & play Compatible" so again, there are no special drivers or software.

    I did find this driver but note it is from 2005 so I am assuming it is for XP - I don't believe I would trust it with W8 or W10.

    Frankly, this $20 inexpensive mouse seems more gimmicky than functional as a decent gaming mouse. Fancy LED lights in a mouse do nothing for performance or function and are distracting for many, according the to reviews. Even the high scoring reviews in that Amazon link criticize the huge size of the mouse, the cheap snap-together pieces, that the LEDs colors are "cool" but distracting/attention getting, and report the 2005 software does not let you reprogram the button macros. I think you are going to have to live with it as it is or do some more homework/research for a top quality, programmable, gaming mouse.


    Please note in some cases it is considered poor forum etiquette to "shotgun" or "cross" post the same question at the same time across multiple sites because it often results in conflicting and confusing information and abandoned threads. So make sure you go back to every site you asked this question and post a followup with the solution, if you find one, or a comment that there is no solution if you can't find one. Don't leave any open threads dangling. Thanks.

    mouse buttons - Windows 10 Forums
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    windows 10

    thanks for answering, the mouse is 100% szkodz js-k8, this is a big company in china, they have like 10 drivers in their site none of them working for me.
    i mailed them asking for help, lets see what they say, but i am pretty sure that if i can make the other drivers recognize my mouse i could remap the buttons. is there a way to change the mouse id?

    in any case, i asked this question in 4 forums, and i will answer in them all.
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    but i am pretty sure that if i can make the other drivers recognize my mouse i could remap the buttons
    I would not count on that. Because of the cost of this mouse, I suspect the functions are "burned" in firmware (most likely a PROM device) and the only way to change that programming is to replace the PROM with a different PROM containing different programming. User re-programmable devices (like EEPROMs) are more expensive, require additional coding in the mouse to support reprogramming (which costs more money) and requires special software to run in the OS, which costs money to develop and support. That all is a big investment for an inexpensive mouse the company must make - an investment that provides nothing in return after the product's initial purchase.

    is there a way to change the mouse id?
    I have no idea what that is. You have to be more specific. I don't see any ID associated with my mouse. There is a device instance ID, but that is assigned by the PnP manager and should not be (even it can be - which I doubt) be changed.

    in any case, i asked this question in 4 forums, and i will answer in them all.
    Great! Be sure to post the solution so every one reading your threads in those forums (now and in the future) have an opportunity to learn from your experience and research.
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    windows 10

    yeah i am familiar with the concept of PROM and EEPROM, but in the manufacturer site this model is the most expensive one and the other models have a re-programmable driver, so i hope this one should have as well.
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    But this is not a new model. In fact, if you follow the link I provided above, it has been "discontinued in the market". I see the same or similar comments on other sites too. And their website shows the JS-K8 but when I try to follow it, all I see is the 9 and 10. Hopefully they will help you, but again, don't count on it, but good luck anyway.
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customize mouse buttons
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