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Trying to Upgrade RAM to no avail

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    Resetting the BIOS requires, in most cases, to remove the CR2032 CMOS backup battery (with the PC Powered off) for at least 10 minutes. Reinsert the battery, observing battery polarity. Power on and see if it recognizes the memory. If not, either the memory is defective or not compatible.

    May be a hassle to access the CMOS battery on some laptops and may even require taking off the back.

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    Umm...Nah the only battery for this is held on by 2 of the 14 screws it takes to get the back off and access the RAM

    I have the 8+4 setup in again, and the battery is out. Will wait 10 minutes...and if that doesn't work, I suppose the new memory isn't compatible?
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    There IS a small battery on EVERY motherboard that is used to retain the BIOS setup (CMOS memory). Some boards also have a physical jumper pins that can also be used. If there were no battery, your BIOS would reset every time you powered your PC off and on, regardless of the rechargeable laptop battery.
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    There're be a 2 pin plug usually close to the RAM, if You follow the wires it'll end in a black shrink-wrapped "object" that'll be round on the end opposite the wires. That'll be the battery. So just disconnect the plug in the MOBO.
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    I only see two models come up with your Toshiba Satellite E45-B a 4100 and 4200,

    Detailed Specifications for Satellite E45-B4100

    Detailed Specifications for Satellite E45-B4200

    Both say this,

    Click image for larger version

    Since you obviously can physically replace them, there must be some other reason they list that it is not user replaceable.
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    fireberd; bat --

    Okay I understand what you're saying. I will have a look at that. Are you saying that if I install a new RAM card, and then I unplug that small battery for a bit, it should reset and recognise the RAM?
    And is that any different from going into the BIOS menu and loading the setup defaults?

    derekimo -

    I have the E45-B4100 - and yeah that looks right. 6GB installed stock, with a limit of 16GB. Is DDR3L any different from standard DDR3? Because the stock RAM is just plain DDR3 - it says on the sticks themselves, and I use a programme called Speccy which also agrees with that.
    What does it mean by "memory not user replaceable"?
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    Quote Originally Posted by angelsheart View Post
    derekimo -

    I have the E45-B4100 - and yeah that looks right. 6GB installed stock, with a limit of 16GB. Is DDR3L any different from standard DDR3? Because the stock RAM is just plain DDR3 - it says on the sticks themselves, and I use a programme called Speccy which also agrees with that.
    What does it mean by "memory not user replaceable"?
    The L is for lower voltage, you say your stock RAM was just DDR3 but I wonder what the voltage was set for in the BIOS.

    Here's some interesting info,

    It won't damage anything. Your CPU is specified to be able to use regular DDR3. BUT, you have an Ultrabook, and your vendor (Lenovo) may or may not have programmed the BIOS to accept regular voltage DDR3, for the sake of heat and battery life, if the BIOS support is not there, the computer simply won't boot, but I doubt that Lenovo has gone above and beyond on this. It is a bit of a gamble unless you know someone else who have done it.
    DDR3 on DDR3L slots [Solved] - DDR3 - Memory

    I know that's for a Lenovo but the basic information may be relevant.

    I really don't know what that means about not being user replaceable if you can physically take them in and out. I could see if they were soldered in there, someone else might know why, I just thought it was worth pointing out.
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    Ohhhhhhh I see - so the voltage could be important? That's the only difference I've been able to tell between the RAM cards I bought, and the stock ones in the computer.
    If I'm remembering correctly, and without digging into it a second time today, I have 1.35V. The new cards I got are 1.5V. Could that be the problem? That would explain it perfectly, because with the new cards, it simply doesn't boot.

    I did an online compatibility assessment through Toshiba's site a while ago, and I found an identical 16GB kit that it told me was compatible. And the only difference was 1.35, rather than 1.5. I just don't want to spend that kind of money twice just to run into the same problem.
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    I do think it's important, and just like that tidbit I posted I would check to see if you have an option in the BIOS to change voltage, if not you may be stuck having to get the 1.35V kit.

    It's unfortunate you didn't double check first if the voltage would be an issue but you live and learn.
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    What does CPU-Z show for voltage on the SPD tab for each slot?

    CPU-Z | Softwares | CPUID

    Click image for larger version
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Trying to Upgrade RAM to no avail
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