Hi all-

Got roped into doing a little tech support for my girlfriend. Her Surface Pro 2 is stuck on startup on this screen:

Click image for larger version

Here's a summary of what I've tried so far:

  • Create recovery drive on a USB- when I plug in the USB now it takes me to the troubleshooting screen instead of the firmware screen but will not allow me to reset PC. When I choose "Yes, repartition the drives" I get the error message "system drive cannot be found". When I choose "No, keep the existing partitions" I get the error message "a required drive partition is missing".
  • Attempted to use command prompt to format drive but when entered "list volume" no volumes were found. Command prompt is the only program I can get to because I can click on it under "advanced settings".
  • Shutting it on and off again

I'm not actually very good with computers and have just been going off of what other people on forums have said, so I have no idea what could be wrong or what I should be attempting to fix. Should I be trying to just wipe the whole thing and start over or is it something specific I can get in there and adjust? I'd really appreciate any insight.

https://www.microsoft.com/surface/en...s-8.1-update-1 This is what I was working off of but it all went to hell at the step where I was supposed to hit "repartition the drives".