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Stuck on 'Scan and Repairing' after start-up

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    Stuck on 'Scan and Repairing' after start-up

    Hi all! Im a new user to these forums and have recently faced an issue with my PC and hard drive.

    After I turned on my PC and went past the start-up screen (mine is the ASUS logo), I found myself stuck at scanning and repairing my HDD. It didn' take long for my SSD (about a minute or two), but now, my HDD after 8 hours, it is still stuck at 42%. My HDD is 2TB and I've read that its common if it takes that long. But some people with 2TB HDDs seem to take days! And it scares me!

    Before I let my computer do the 8 hour long scanning and repairing (it's still scanning now), I tried to skip the scan and repair by pressing any key within 1 second. All my files from both my HDD and SSD were accesible and fine. So I'm assuming its a monthly maintenance thing? Then I restarted and let my PC do its scan.

    I'm running Windows 8.1 with 16GB RAM, Intel i7.

    Does anybody know how to solve this? Or is it just a matter of waiting? And if the scan's done, how do I prevent this from automatically running? (so that I can manually run these things)

    Thanks so much for reading and your assistance!

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    Okay, update:

    After I left it to run for like 10 hours, I came back and I was able to access my desktop and all the files seem fine.
    Except I got a message from the computer's 'System and Security -> Action Center', asking me to restart my PC because it found errors in my drive.

    Click image for larger version

    If I scanned and repaired it, shouldn't all the errors be fixed? Is this a bug or something?
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    I is not uncommon for the system to identify errors it cannot fix while the system is fully booted. It may have to move some file segments from bad sectors to good sectors, for example, but cannot do that because the files are "open" and in use by the OS. This is the same issue that often occurs with Windows Updates. The files cannot be updated because the older versions are still marked as "open" in the drive's file tables. So you have to reboot for the fixes/updates to actually be applied.

    So yes, this is not uncommon and you should reboot and hopefully it boot with no more errors.

    Note however, that this could be a sign your drive is failing. You should definitely backup any data you don't want to lose, and keep regular backups.
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Stuck on 'Scan and Repairing' after start-up
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