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Epson printer using lots of ink

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    Epson printer using lots of ink

    Couldn't find a good spot for this so I'll ask here...

    I have an Epson XP800 inkjet that I bought a few years ago and barely use, maybe 20 pages a year. But that doesn't stop the ink from going away. It's so annoying.

    Is this normal? Should I move to laser for low volume printing without the cost of cartridges every 6 months?

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    Even with low usage ink can dry out. New cartridges (all that I've seen) even have an expiration date on them. A small, inexpensive, Laser may fix your problem. I don't know how long a toner cartridge, with infrequent use, would or wouldn't last.
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    Epson, notoriously, will run a head cleaning operation every time you turn on the printer. That can use up a lot of ink over time.

    I have two XP-400 AIO printers and I never shut them off, but let them just go to sleep on their own.
    Epson printers are great in an office situation where they get used every day, but for seldom use, a Laser (HP) or LED printer (Okidata) might well be your best bet. Keep them cool and dry and Laser or LED printers are great.

    Good Luck!
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    Somewhere in that mess, I saw a post about cleaning print heads/ink carts. The Epson printers have never had the print head on the ink cart.
    The print heads have always been a fixed part of the printer and the carts contain only liquid ink.
    It's nearly impossible for a user to recover a truly dried out Print Head. Sometimes repeated cleaning operations can get the job done, if you have enough ink, but not always.

    Being a factory trained Epson technician, and having managed three Epson Service Centers, I do have a considerable amount of experience with the little beasties. In years past, when Epson actually had "Service Centers" a quick call to the Epson parts depot, would result in me having a new Epson Print Head in my hands before noon the following day. The biggest problem we had, was with people putting some cheap after market ink in their Epson printers. It would often gum up the print head, rendering it useless.
    So Epson would send us a full set of Ink Carts with every new Print Head.

    I'm not a big fan of HP ink jet printers, but at least, when you change a cart, you're also changing the print head at the same time.

    Several other brands of Ink Jet printers use that same technology. Lexmark comes to mind.

    Cheers Mates and Happy Printing,
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    Many new/newer HP's now have separate cartridges like Epson. My Officejet pro 8620 has separate Black and three color cartridges. My daughter has a HP Photosmart 7520 and it too has separate ink cartridges.
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Epson printer using lots of ink
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