hello all,
first timer here. ive attempted to do my due diligence and search the googlenet and call hp about my probs and i wondered if i could get some info here before i sent my elitepad in for repair if this is a hardware prob. here's the facts.....

elitepad 1000 g2
win 8.1 pro 64 bit w regular updates
Broadcom SDIO Wireless adapter 802.11 abgn

a couple of days ago the tablet quit connecting to the internet. gave me the yellow triangle in the device manager on the broadcom adapter. i tried a couple of things.
-rolled back the driver. that worked for 30min
-restored windows. that worked for 30min
-unistalled the driver and installed a pack from the hp driver/download site. that worked for 30min.
-called hp and they sent a couple of files that were supposed to be drivers but they failed to install. gave me the window of "cannot install because the files are not signed or of a 3rd party"
am i down to sending it in for a hardware issue? or is this a product of a recent update thats broken and may get fixed shortly? of course, hey, how's it gonna fix it it wont connect? mercy

thanx all! i appreciate any help!