I'm some what new to techy toubleshooting so bare with me, today i was using my Laptop as usual when my PC just turned off by itself. It has happend in the past before when it was too hot. But this time when i turned it back on and went to type in my password on my External Keyboard it did not respond along with my mouse and i also noticed my speaker lights was not on which connect with USB. I have tried restarting multiple times, taken the battery out of the Laptop and left it for awhile...holding the power button down also. And i just noticed this in my Device manager. Click image for larger version

I have also tried updating my USB bus controllers and the others in the same tab, nothing worked. Still no response from my USB devices. I also tried system restore to 2 days prior.

I'm not sure if this is relevant but i used a slightly beaten up USB which i plug into my keyboard to charge my phone. Would that cause issues with my other USB ports?

Hope i gave as much information as i could, i could really use some help!