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hot swapping issue, maybe?

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    Windows 8.1

    hot swapping issue, maybe?

    hello all, i hoping someone would be able to help me out.

    i got given a good few hot swapping cases a while back and i thought id start to use them as i have a few hdds laying around. i put the hdd in and got the pc to see it and access it. the problem i'm having is that i have no way to un-mount the hdd safely from the pc so i can put it out. i thought that it would act like a usb drive where you get the icon at the bottom right to safely remove it but that doesn't show the hdd.
    i did a little research and haven't found much about it, i read that you have to change the policies on the drive for quick safe removal but i don't have that option to me, the only option under the device manager policies tab is write-catching policy witch doesn't help so i'm at a loss. the hdd is usable and i can copy and delete stuff from it but it seems like i can only change the hdd when the pc it is off.

    i have gone through the bios to make sure the controller was set to AHCI witch it was by default, all my drivers for my pc are up to date.

    that's about it, i think. if you need more info on anything please let me know. all my system details are on my profile and are up to date.

    thanks in advance for any help you are able to provide and sorry if i have start a post in the wrong place.

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    Windows 8.1

    the hot swap device i am using is data express DE110
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    I know of no way to get the safe to remove for the drives connected to the Intel controller once you install the Intel drivers.

    If you use the default Microsoft drivers you should have the ability to hot swap.

    You could also connect the hotswap tray to one of the Marvell controllers as well. They show up in the Safe Remove list.
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    SATA drives do support hot-swapping, but so must the controller. That said, you are trying to get these to act like USB attached devices and they don't. That is, you won't get an icon in the system tray. When a drive is hot-swappable, that simply means you can safely unplug it from power and data without damage the drive or losing data. And you can connect it without damage too.

    Traditional EIDE (PATA) drives are not hot-swappable because if you unplug them, files may still be marked as "open" in the file tables so corruption may occur when removed.

    So, as long as you are not talking about the boot drive, or a drive with running applications on them, you should be able to swap your SATA drives without shutting down the computer, and without using any icon. And when doing so, the drives will just appear and then disappear from your list of drive under Computer as they are attached and disconnected.
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    Windows 8.1

    ok so i uninstalled the intel controller and restarted. well that didn't work as i had a reboot loop witch i got out of somehow. the intel controller is still not installed atm, and i have just tested putting my hot swap tray in and the pc doesn't pick up the drive at all, i need to restart for the pc to see it. when the pc sees the drive and i pull it out, the hdd doesn't disappear its still in 'my computer' and when i put a different drive in the 1st one still shows up. i think im missing a step or something.
    and im not trying to remove the boot drive. just be able to use the hdd for a little extra storage and transfer a bundle of file from one pc to another like movies, from my GPC to my HTPC.

    is there away to assign a hdd to use a certain controller.
    all i want really is for the hdd to appear(when plugging it in) and disappear(when i pull it out) while my pc is on and not having to restart it every time.

    thank you for the replys i was worried this was going to be over looked. anything you can suggest me to try and ill give it ago.
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    I am afraid I don't know a solution for you. It has been years since I've done anything like this. I now use a docking station that connects via USB and I have no problem hot-swapping drives.

    I suggest you contact your bay's tech support. They have an email link at the bottom of their page.

    And keep us posted.
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hot swapping issue, maybe?
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