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PS/2 mouse stops responding, needs unplug and replug

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    Quote Originally Posted by Itaregid View Post
    PS/2? I don't have any of those ports in my box.
    Really? I just bought a brand new Gigabyte Z170 motherboard and even it has a combo (purple and green) PS/2 port to connect either a PS/2 keyboard or a PS/2 mouse as seen in this image.
    I was also wondering how could it be, because I have never seen any lappy or pc without two ps/2 ports so far.

    I thought maybe some new model has come which has discarded ps/2 ports.

    or, could be that Odos270 could not recognize ps/2 ports. :-) just kidding.

    which model it is. could you please post a pic?

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    Well, now sorry but I might have misspoke because I was talking only about PC motherboards. Notebooks are different.

    But to your comment about there being two PS/2 ports on PCs, having only one (purple/green) has been pretty common for many years. Just looking at the 6 PCs here, only the oldest using an ASUS ITX board from 2008 has two (a green and a purple) PS/2 ports. All the others have just the one port. And the two notebooks (Dell and Toshiba) have none.
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    You can look at my system specs. HP H8-1534 ENVY. No PS/2. 4 USB2 in the back. 2 USB2 in the front. 2 USB3 on top.
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    I don't disbelieve you. And I didn't say all motherboards have them. I just said having one is "pretty common".

    Now for sure, your computer is a factory built computer. No surprise HP would cut that support out to save a few pennies - especially when they provide a USB keyboard with their computers.

    But if you were to research motherboards on Newegg for example, you will find many, if not most, still have at least one PS/2 port.
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    providing none ps/2 could be ok, as the manufacturer might be thinking of users using everything usb only.
    but giving just one ps/2 seems more odd, because then the user can put either mouse or keyboard but not both, but as a habit, any user willing to use ps/2 would get both mouse as well as kbd as ps/2.

    could be that one ps/2 is giving not for mouse/keyboard, but just to give a ps/2 connectivity port for the box, for any use, and the manufacturer still thinks users would be using usb mouse/ keyboard.

    it is like several newer boxes having one mini-usb (fire) port also, which is usable, I guess, only for handset charging or directly accessing mobile's inner memory from pc.
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    for that matter, a usb to ps/2 convertor would enable a usb mouse/ keyboard to be put in ps/2 port
    whereas, a ps/2 to usb convertor would enable a ps/2 mouse/ keyboard to be put in usb port.

    I wonder why manufacturers are not giving BOTH ps/2 as well as usb ports in mouse/ keyboard. It wouldn't raise price so much, but will give absolute freedom to users.
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    providing none ps/2 could be ok, as the manufacturer might be thinking of users using everything usb only.
    And that is the industry trend. PS/2 support is legacy support. And there are many USB keyboards and mice to choose from, but few PS/2. Just doing a quick search on Newegg showed nearly 800 keyboards with only 69 having PS/2 support and some of those were only with adapters.

    As for only one PS/2 port, that actually makes sense. Again, USB is the industry standard and about the only time you might need PS/2 support with modern systems is when troubleshooting in the BIOS - and you only need a keyboard for that.

    True, it would not raise the cost very much but many buyers will buy this board because it cost $1 less than that board. Plus, more and more boards are getting smaller and smaller and PS/2 ports and circuitry to support it takes up valuable real estate. And frankly, I don't like paying for something I will never use.

    This is just life. Motherboards no longer support centronics or AGP interfaces either. Same with floppy disk controllers and even EIDE disks.
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    Going by all your suggestions, I bought one ps/2 mouse and one ps/2 keyboard, and also one usb mouse and one usb keyboard,

    first I put new ps/2 mouse. And it worked perfectly well for some 24 hours without that "not responding" problem occurring even once.

    then I put new usb mouse. And it worked perfectly well for some 24 hours without that "not responding" problem occurring even once.

    So the issue is solved.

    The problem was indeed in the mouse.

    I have also bought ps/2 to usb connector, and I will now check the old problematic mouse
    1. by changing its port to other ps/2 port.
    2. by connecting it to usb port through ps/2 to usb connector.

    let's see what it comes out.

    Thanks for solving my problem. Another gig of thanks for a lovely insight about ps/2 vs usb.

    marking this thread as closed. Hope that is ok with you all.

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    Glad things are sorted out and thanks for your follow-up post.
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PS/2 mouse stops responding, needs unplug and replug
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