Hello Forum,

I am looking for a way to install a keyboard language, but I don't want to add a new os-langauge or Windows 8.1 on my tablet. This was posible on the PC-versions of the earlier Windowses and I am absolutely perplexed why there is not such an option or at least I fail to find it.

Add keyboard languages to XP, Vista, and Windows 7 -> Here for an example is properly explained in older Windows versions.

So in other words, I have a tablet with an os-language "Langage_1", hence my keyboard is "Language_1". Additionally I need to install a keybord with a completely different alphabet of "Language_2", avoiding an instalation of the language package for "Language_2".

Is this even possible? If it is possible, how? If it is not possible, why do the developers have abolished this option - what will be the advantge of this complication; download and install a language for all the os and probably not using it (I need only the alphabet for the keyboard and I don't plan to use "Language_2" for my os...)? I don't know about you, but for me this would be a huge frustration.