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USB 3.0 connection randomly stops working

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    Funny: I see mention of a quote reading "Help, after installing Windows 8.1..." My problem started (I think) when I installed Windows 10 over Windows 8.1. I suspect the specifics of the issue have to do with something being different when installing one Windows over another. No hard evidence, just curious.

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    what happened to firewire? or whatever APPLE uses was pretty darn good..
    It was good, but it was pretty much a proprietary thing for Apple and Sony (called i.LINK by Sony) - meaning if you wanted to use it, you had to buy Apple or Sony branded devices (or other brand devices with licenses to include the interface). This, as all proprietary things do, meant higher prices and fewer choices for consumers - something we consumers generally don't appreciate.

    Now Apple has replaced Firewire (IEEE1394) with their new Thunderbolt interface, a PCI Express and DisplayPort hybrid, the latest version of which uses the new USB Type-C connector.

    Funny: I see mention of a quote reading "Help, after installing Windows 8.1..." My problem started (I think) when I installed Windows 10 over Windows 8.1. I suspect the specifics of the issue have to do with something being different when installing one Windows over another. No hard evidence, just curious.
    Don't try to correlate the two, other than noting that the problem started after upgrading to a new operating system - noting that new operating systems typically need new hardware drivers.
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    It only lasted three days and I'm back without the USB connection to the drive. Since I didn't remember what the drive was within the case, I pulled the case apart. It is a Western Digital WD5000AAKX (Caviar "Blue") drive and it is 500Gb, as I originally stated. The case is a NexStar-HX with a combination USB 2 and USB 3 connector - which, I think is the standard, and allows for either USB 2 or USB 3 connections to be used. The connector on the computer case is also USB 3, and the cable is a USB 3 as well. The problem started after I had been using the drive for well over a year. And, I still think it has something to to with my upgrade to Windows 10, since the failure started around the same time as the upgrade.
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    Turns out that firmware update wants to have nothing to do with my drive. When I couldn't get it to work, I called WD support and was told "This drive is for use within a computer case, and is not supported as an external drive within a case from another manufacturer." So, that's that.

    Since I can't get it work any other way, I'm just going to be satisfied to use it as a USB 2.0 drive. ...unless someone has a solution that works.
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    This may help.
    Control Panel > Power Options > Change plan settings > Change advanced power settings. In the window that opens, scroll down to USB settings > USB selective suspend setting. Here, change the default value of
    Enabled to Disabled.
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    Having made ALL the changes suggested, I can honestly say I'm not certain which made the difference, but, since I waited the time it would usually take for the drive to have cycled off between each, I have to conclude the last tipped the balance. I have had the drive connected for over a week, and it seems to be able to continue.

    Thanks to all of you who provided assistance. It was worth the effort to make the drive usable again.
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    i know there have been problems with USB 3.0, especially Intels USB 3 controller it seems. Im always hearing of issues where connections just stop all together, or a device will keep on connecting then disconnecting in an infinite loop. I had this issue on my toshiba laptop and never was able to get it to work, after trying all the suggestions that are listed here. This was a good while ago, but still.
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    Kinda glad someone responded to this thread after me. About two days after I posted last, I found the drive had again disconnected. I have my calendar (one of two, for obvious reasons) on the drive, and when it didn't show up, I knew the drive had quit again. I just cycled the drive off and on, restarted, and it was back. (Now that I've mentioned it, I have a Restart icon on my desktop just for that.) Fortunately for me, the calendar does another job than just reminding me of things to do, it also lets me know when to cycle the drive! Unless someone else has (another!) solution, I guess I'm just stuck with this remedy.

    Come to think of it, the mention of the Intel controller makes me wonder. Has anyone tried another controller? Any success?
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USB 3.0 connection randomly stops working
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