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Can't set Auto Play for SD Flash Memory Cards

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    Can't set Auto Play for SD Flash Memory Cards

    I have Windows 8.1 on several PC's, but only on this one PC do I NOT have Windows recognizing a SD camera card or flash drive, and opening up a window to allow me to see the card....
    I have to go into My PC and click on the card, drive letter, to open it.

    Evidently, I did something wrong on this one PC, but I don't know what it was.

    Any help would be great!

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    To me, this PC is set right. Autoplay for memory cards is a security risk, and a serious one if these memory devices are ever used on other system not 100% of the time under your control, or if this computer is not 100% of the time under your control. You don't want someone (even you) sticking an infected memory card/flash drive into your computer and have it automatically play malware.

    FTR, mine (with W10) behaves exactly as yours does. When I plug in a flash drive, I hear the little "dum ditty dum" jingle telling me a USB device just connected and then I have click on My PC and tell Windows what I want to do from there.

    My recommendation is to leave it as it is.

    That said, if nobody else EVER uses your computer, and these memory sticks are NEVER connected to other devices that are NEVER used by anyone else and you still want to change the settings, see if this tutorial helps. It's to disable Autoplay but the process is more or less the same to enable it.
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    Thanks for the response.

    But, I'm on 8.1 and not 10..... the two OS's handle things a little different.
    Of the eight PC's, both desktop and laptop, that I have running 8.1/32,
    this desktop I'm on now is the only one that won't fully acknowledge a Flash Drive or SD card.

    I AM the only user on this or any of my PC's and my SC card only goes from the camera to the PC,
    and right back into the camera. Everything I plug into my PC gets automatically scaned for viruses and malware by my AV and AS software.
    So there is NO security risk involved there.

    Oh yes, I get the little sound effects when I plug in any USB device, but Windows just doesn't automatically open it up. I want that!!!
    I need that!!! Either I or some software has screwed that up for me, and I want it Fixed!!!

    My Windows XP always did that and I've just gotten used to it.

    Thanks again,
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    But, I'm on 8.1 and not 10..... the two OS's handle things a little different.
    Right. I understand that and that's why I included the tutorial for W8.x. Was it not any help?

    Note the dangers of autoplay are the same, or in reality, even more so with W8.x because W10 is inherently more secure. But since you are the only user and have total control over your devices, and you seem to have a handle on security and I assume you keep Windows updated, then I agree security should not be a problem here - as long as you remain disciplined in security awareness. Remember, security programs only react to known malware. A zero-day exploit can come along where your security program has yet to create a definition file to identify or stop it. So take care not to even allow a friend or relative to insert a flash drive into your systems.

    Again, that tutorial should show you how to enable this. I might suggest you use the tutorial and compare settings between this computer and one of your other computers that does work the way you want and see if you can spot the setting(s) that is different.
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    OK, now you're really going to hate me. By the way I'm not a nube.... I'm a professional Computer tech of 36 years.
    But in fairness I did go through the Auto Play setup as outlined in the Tutorial, and my PC is all set up exactly like that.

    Now, I have another PC with 8.1 on it, set up the same way, sitting right here within arm's length. When I insert either a SD card or a Flash Drive in that second PC, I hear the familiar chimes and a window opens right up on the desktop screen, with a listing of all the files in that device.
    As stated, when I do that on my main PC, I get the chimes, but that's all..... nothing shows up on the screen. So something else is blocking that listing. It's like I've been infected by a Poltergeist. Or as "The Robot" used to say, "Will Robinson, that does not compute!"

    I'm not quite down to the stage of hair pulling or wrist cutting, (yet) but I'd sure like to get this thing sorted out.

    I've been doing some comparison troubleshooting and the only thing that this PC has that the others don't is AVG 2016 FREE.
    I've gone through the Advanced Settings and I've seen nothing that pertains to Auto Play.
    The other PCs I've tested are all running Windows Defender, and they all display the contents of the SD cards or Flash Drives when I plug them in.

    The latest test was on a little HP Laptop, also running Windows Defender and it acknowledges the SD card as soon as it's put in and gives me a red banner in the upper right of the desktop, asking me what I want it to do with the card.... as I expected.

    So the problem goes back to the one and only PC that's running AVG. I may just have to uninstall AVG on this PC to see if that solves the problem.

    Unless, someone can come up with a registry tweak to re-enable Auto Play. ???

    Cheers Mates!
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    that one single SD card works in the other windows PC's no problem as in they show up explorer files as soon as you plug it in on one PC but then on the other PC your plug that same memory card in and all the sudden no file explorer pops up ? that is what you are saying right??

    the only situation I've seen that is when I ran panda usb vaccine and it turned my autoplay off.. and I have not been able to resume it ever since.. I will tell you that..

    this may not help you but may also give you some insight to how it can be turned off and maybe look into what something like panda vaccine usb does to turn it off.. ha.

    But I haven't found out how to get my file explorer back either yet! I"m on win 8.1 x64
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    OK, now you're really going to hate me.

    I'm a professional Computer tech of 36 years.
    Then I will not hold your youthful lack of experience against you! (45 years here!)

    Do your other PCs (that work as you want them) have the same setup in terms of security software and other security settings?
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    All the ones that work, run Windows Defender..... the one that didn't work ran AVG.

    But, I solved the problem.... I saved all my data, etc, and then reinstalled Windows 8.1.
    I'm doing it all on my backup hard drive, and once I get everything all set up the way I want it, I'll just clone this drive back to my SSD.
    That should do the trick. Eh?

    Thank y'all for your help.

    Cheers mates!
    PS: Actually I started working on the BIG systems in 1964 at NCR..... but it wasn't till 1980 that I built my own PC and then started my own computer repair business. Even though I'm 72 and technically retired, I'm still running service calls. I'll probably die with a screwdriver in my hand. lol
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    Even though I'm 72 and technically retired, I'm still running service calls. I'll probably die with a screwdriver in my hand. lol
    Then I bow to you sir! I'll be 64 before this month runs out and yeah, retired and still running service calls too. But it keeps the mind active.

    Since reinstalling Windows, are you now running Windows Defender on this system too? Personally, I recommend you just keep WD and Windows Firewall. Then on occasion, run MBAM free just to make you didn't let something slip by. I gave up on 3rd party security apps for my primary security when Windows 7 came and I started used MSE (later renamed to Windows Defender in W8). Now I use Windows Defender and Windows firewall on my systems with no regrets, problems or bogged-down systems.
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    Yeah, Windows Defender (WD) has grown up in the past few years and OS upgrades. It's now a fair to midlin' AV program. However not nearly the all encompassing PC protection program that AVG 2016 FREE is. AVG can scan email, both incoming and outgoing, and also run Rootkit scans and even scan external media.

    However, MBam is not as good as many want to think it is. After running it, in the past, I've run other programs and found many bad things that MBam totally overlooked. The most valuable program I have and use right now, in addition to WD, is "Super Anti-Spyware" (FREE) as it gets rid of PUPs and Tracking Cookies, that other programs miss. I just ran it on a neighbors PC and it found and removed 1585 tracking cookies. !!! I'm still trying to get that person to run it at least once a week, like I do.

    Malware Bytes has, however, come out with a new program called, "Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit" that looks promising. I'm also using and evaluating a new program called, "Anti-Keylogger". Both of the programs I just mentioned are light weight and don't bug the operator or load down the cpu, but they do add an additional, (FREE) layer of protection.

    For many years now, I've said that "NO one program can totally protect any PC." So I've tried to put together a "Package" of security software that will keep any PC safe.

    Cheers Mates!
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Can't set Auto Play for SD Flash Memory Cards
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