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Can't set Auto Play for SD Flash Memory Cards

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    Windows Defender used to have on some system configurations, a huge bug that caused 100% disk usage.. remember that? It may still be around.. who knows! but I remember you had to uninstall MSE/Defender (or stop it) to do anything with your system..

    having said that, I did experience that bug on an E-machine? and a Acer Aspire machine If my memory serves me..

    and today, I use nothing but windows Defender and Binisoft Firewall. ha.

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    I guess I could just mark this thread as "Solved" because with the re-installation of Windows 8.1, my problems with auto play and Windows Defender are no longer problems.

    I did the re-install, to a spare Hard Drive, then after copying all my pertinent data from my main drive to the spare drive, I made a Ghost backup Image file of my spare drive, and then restored that file back to my SSD. I'm on that SSD now, and everything is working perfectly.

    I'm sorry if I've taken up time and space on this forum, for nothing.

    Cheers mates!
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    Quote Originally Posted by TechnoMage
    AVG can scan email, both incoming and outgoing, and also run Rootkit scans and even scan external media.
    WD scans email. Not sure about outgoing specifically, but then again, I don't see the need. Why scan outgoing if everything coming into the computer has already been scanned, and everything currently running on the computer is being scanned in real time? That's just wasting resources. And WD does indeed scan for all known rootkits and scans external media too - all without hogging extra resources or bogging down our systems - a common complaint with AVG and other 3rd party apps. In fact, AVG used to be my preferred security "suite" but then W7 and MSE came out in 2009 and I switch and never looked back.

    Interestingly, this just came out a couple days ago, Windows Defender Is Becoming the Powerful Antivirus That Windows 10 Needs. I note the following from the article,
    Windows Defender, which comes pre-installed and enabled by default in both Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, performs significantly better in antivirus tests than it did a couple of years ago and is now achieving better results than well-known security suites.

    On Windows 10, however, Windows Defender really exceeded expectations. Microsoft’s default Windows antivirus received 4.5 points for protection, 5 points for performance, and 6 points for usability, ranking better than highly-praised security software such as F-Secure, Panda Security, ESET, and Comodo.
    Quote Originally Posted by brooksndun
    Windows Defender used to have on some system configurations, a huge bug that caused 100% disk usage

    I remember you had to uninstall MSE/Defender (or stop it) to do anything with your system..
    That 100% problem happened on only a very few systems, and was fixed. And that might have been with the "other" and older Windows Defender anyway - the anti-spyware only program as I don't recall hearing of that with the new WD. And I never had to uninstall or stop MSE or WD to do anything with my computers and never heard of that complaint either. Not saying you are wrong or that some folks didn't experience those problems. I am just saying those problems were not widespread as you suggest. In fact, MSE worked so well, that is one of the reasons why Microsoft decided to integrated it into Windows 8 after renaming it to Windows Defender and adding a couple enhancements.

    The bottom line is Microsoft got tired of the relentless bashing they got over security for 10+ years since XP was released when it was badguys, not Microsoft that created the security mess we are in. And it was big corporations demanding legacy support and not advanced security. And it was users (always the weakest link) failing to keep their systems current and secure). This was perpetuated by the totally unexpected (by everybody - including the bashers) explosion in the expansion of broadband to the home. Not to mention Norton, McAfee, Trend Micro and the others crying and whining to Congress and the EU that MS was trying to rule the world (they were, but not the point) and that it was their job to rid the world of malware not Microsoft's.

    So Microsoft was blocked, under threats of forced breakup, from including anti-virus code in XP like they wanted. And we see how well Norton and the gang did. I mean, why should they? Norton, McAfee and the others have absolutely no incentive whatsoever to rid the world of malware - that will put them out of business.

    But Microsoft has every incentive - they will stop getting blamed for something not their fault. So now Microsoft is putting security above everything else, including legacy hardware and software support and I applaud them for that. And I note that Congress and the EU are keeping mum about Microsoft including anti-malware code in Windows now too - because they know they were blinded (duped???) by Norton's claims of Microsoft trying to monopolize the world.
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Can't set Auto Play for SD Flash Memory Cards
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