I've searched for answers but it seems the only related posts are from people who actually want this to happen, so would be keen to know if others are having this problem and maybe know of a hidden setting or a workaround. The tablet in question is a Linx 7 with Win8.1.

Whenever I open an Explorer window (or when they are opened by auto-play) it comes up maximized. It also happens with Internet Explorer, Notepad and with installation dialogs (these usually don't have minimize and/or restore options). Other programs may also be affected but I haven't verified this yet. This is a real nuisance as I use this tablet in PC mode and multi-task.

Window sizes and positions for both Explorer and Notepad are remembered when restored. When Explorer windows are re-launched automatically after a reboot, they also open at the size and position they were, so this data evidently isn't being lost. Evidently my view settings are being over-ridden by something when I open a new or saved note, explorer, IE11 etc..

I read somewhere that suggested it may be a "feature" hidden in the OS when the screen size is reported as 7 inches or less but the "fix" involved editing the display driver, something which I'm reluctant to do as an error could render the tablet useless.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or comments.