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HELP lost 24gb msata ssd on my latop

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    HELP lost 24gb msata ssd on my latop

    Hi every one can help me recovery my merory on my msata ssd 24gb on my laptop asus tp 500lb
    Click image for larger version

    Click image for larger version

    Click image for larger version


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    what was it before? Did it work before?

    and now you did something to mess up the hard drive?

    1. What did you change?

    2. Do you need to try to recover the files or just format it and lose all files on the msata drive?
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    I haven't responded sooner to see if anyone else would respond first, as my experience is similar but different ...

    I suddenly had an internal, working, 1.5TB HDD suddenly show up in Disk Management as a 16MB drive -- roughly the same situation as with the screenshot you posted.

    Nothing I did in Windows allowed me to read, or to reformat, the drive. Nothing.

    So, I obtained Active@File Recovery Pro and ran it, and it found the drive -- but it took hours to build a filesystem to access it, and retrieving files and folders was at the painfully slow rate of 1GB per hour!

    After two weeks of data retrievals, I stumbled across HDD Regenerator -- for which there is a trial version if you hunt around a bit. It tried that and it worked! So, I acquired the commercial product, ran it, and it recovered the 8 bad sectors that were at the beginning of the drive, and when I then reconnected the drive, Windows could see it and use it, again. Then, I retrieved stuff I didn't have the patience to retrieve before (i.e., 40GB system backups!) and have since, retired the drive.

    Don't know if it will even work on an SSD, since the tech in use may requires an actual HDD, but you might consider trying it to see what it does, at least, the trial version.

    Good Luck
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    Right, but you mention like it worked before? right?

    so if it was working before and then suddenly stopped and went dead like that, clearly it's a fault of the drive hardware writing something and it must have ruined while logging or god knows what.. and bricked the drive.. apparently the front blocks of the drive..

    I mean it wasn't a change you made then right?

    It was just drive going bad.. Is that correct?

    if these are cases of the hard drives failing then it failed and that's that..

    So you were able to read the drive with those programs, but did you then try to format it and use it? or just totally throw it away..
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    Can you try on that 24gig msata card what I mention here in this post?

    But only the Diskpart Clean part!

    Flash Drive Can't Format - RAW FS
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    MarkP, what download site did you use for HDD Regenerator? I try to avoid Softtonic and Cnet downloaders.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RolandJS View Post
    MarkP, what download site did you use for HDD Regenerator? I try to avoid Softtonic and Cnet downloaders.
    I Googled the site and, reading through the info there, found a link to a trial version. Sorry, don't have the URL.
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    Some Hybrid drives will show that, but the OS never touches it. Really helps if you post the model and mfg info for the drive.

    20 meg is really nothing in today's society.
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HELP lost 24gb msata ssd on my latop
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