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USB Connectors doesn't work after WIN startup

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    Windows 8. 1

    USB Connectors doesn't work after WIN startup

    Hi Guys,
    I need an help with a difficult problem.
    The computer is under children use and probably they download few viruses. One of them just hit the usb drivers.
    First of all, in the beginning i success use the PS/2 with adopter and try to scan after virus.
    The window defender won't works, said something like failed to start up defender.
    Try with some cmd commends like chksdk with clean

    Waiting for your help.

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    Free Virus Scan | ESET Online Scanner | ESET

    try running eset with These settings pictured below..

    Click image for larger version
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    Windows 8. 1

    i don't have mouse and keyboard.
    Olny before windows startup.
    And before it goes worst i do a scan with malware software.
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    so you are saying you have no mouse or keyboard to select settings? you can't use your computer?
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    hold down shift and restart your computer holding down left Shift..

    you're trying to get into Safe mode ..

    try methods in this..

    How To Access Advanced Startup Options in Windows 10 or 8
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    Windows 8. 1

    I can't use the mouse and keyboard when the windows startup, i try to repair, do a restore to old point but every thing show me an error.
    I try safe mode, not working either.
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    so you are saying that when you turn your computer fully off...

    and you hold down shift while turning the power on, your computer does not do anything?

    that is not a virus, that is hardware failure... did you kids spill water on the computer??

    look up how to reset CMOS and Reset Bios also

    try resetting both of those things on your Specific computer model...

    use Google.. he is your friend..
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    Windows 8. 1

    No, maybe I was not clear enough.
    The computer can go to safe mode, but even in this mode the usb didn't works.

    In BIOS the keyboard and mouse works.
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    ok.. do you have a usb recovery windows or CD/DVD recovery?? or Windows install disk?

    and you are obviously not on the problem computer now right? so this is a second computer correct?
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    Windows 8. 1

    In this moment I use my phone because I'm working right now.
    I have an USB with windows, i tried this yesterday and when i try to install the windows again it gives me an error message, that he can't find a drive to install on it.

    I also tried to do diskpart with cmd commends and when i do the clean commend it gives me an error that the drive is read only. But when i check if it is, it's said no. (i forgotten what the commend)
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USB Connectors doesn't work after WIN startup
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