ha.. so your "kids" got a hard drive bricked...

I mean you need to start using USB recovery or Recovery CD/DVD and start trying low level programs that might brute force read it .. I'll find a link for you..

but in the meantime, do you need anything off the drive or is it ok to just erase the disk? if you can get it to format with this tool

probably the best would be TestDisk Download - CGSecurity

but read up a little or youtube videos of people using it if you are not computer savvy..

I remember this tool.. but I can't seem to get it to download.. it would probably do the trick.. but maybe have to get it another way - Darik's Boot And Nuke | Hard Drive Disk Wipe and Data Clearing

Download all HDD Low Level Format Tool software versions | Flash Drive Repair


Erase hard drive by Active@ KillDisk. Low Level Format.